Using Isaiah 54:17 to “Beat the Devil:” Part Two

Hi Friends:
We are still trying to get to the explanation of the title.

Just so we can read it again, here’s the full verse:

“No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.”
Isaiah 54:17

So, really …
When was the last time you heard someone speak this verse?
When was the last time you spoke this verse?

It was while watching a movie on the TBS On-Demand channel that I saw the promos for a new version of “The Jokers Wild” game show.
This used to be … “way-back-when” … one of my favorite game shows. I have always liked shows which feature “question and answers” to test your knowledge.

So, I started researching the history of “The Jokers Wild” game show.
As I progressed, I ran into a lot of “I Remember” moments.
Enough of those moments to add this installment of what will be a three-part series, into our “I Remember” category.

Perhaps, when we hear of a game show which tests your knowledge, we first think of “Jeopardy!”
I remember the original “Jeopardy!” hosted by Art Fleming. The original daytime version debuted on NBC on March 30, 1964. Don Pardo was the announcer until 1975, and John Harlan announced for the 1978–1979 show.
I used to love Art Fleming coming out, raising his arm, and saying, “Thank you, John Harlan!!!” or “Thank you, Don Pardo!!!” as he walked to the podium. Art Fleming just seemed to be a nice man. As a fan of old-time radio, and, I guess now, old-time television, it was always important who the announcer was. I remember when the announcer was a big part of the show in those early years of television.
The daily syndicated version, the “current version,” has featured Alex Trebek as host and Johnny Gilbert as announcer since 1984.
Alex Trebek has hosted “Jeopardy!” since 1984?
That’s 34 years.
34 years.

There is an old saying in the radio business that, “You know you’re getting older when they start making “re-makes” of songs that you used to play when they were brand new.”
I guess now, the same can be said for game shows.

“Jeopardy!” is one of those shows that, when you walk in the room where the show is on … you have stop, and try to answer at least one question … or, more. It just “grabs you” and, certainly that is one of the secrets behind its appeal. Just like “The Wheel of Fortune,” when the game is on when you walk in the room, you just have to stop for a moment, and try to solve the puzzle.
While I was never a fan of “Wheel of Fortune,” I used to love “Jeopardy!”
Have you noticed that “Jeopardy!” is always spelled with an exclamation point?

Anyway, I remember, when I was a child, that Mama used to love to watch “Jeopardy!” So, I loved it, too.
I remember … “Jeopardy!” was on at 10:00 …Right after “The Phil Donahue Show,” which Mama also would sometimes watch.
I can still remember certain episodes of “The Phil Donahue Show” with Billy Graham as guest.

Oh, boy … do I remember “The Jack LaLanne Show” … That would have to be one of my earliest television memories …
One man, and one chair … His fitness show ran from 1953 until 1985.

Both my Mom and Dad used to watch his program. I remember that much of Jack LaLanne’s audience were stay-at-home mothers. His wife, Elaine LaLanne, was part of the show to demonstrate the exercises, as well as demonstrate the fact that doing the exercises would not ruin their figures or musculature.
Remember this?
Jack LaLanne also included his dog Happy as a way to attract children to the show. Later, another dog named Walter was used, with LaLanne claiming “Walter” stood for “We All Love To Exercise Regularly.”

Which leads me to remember … Charles Atlas …
I remember Daddy was a big fan of Charles Atlas, and I can remember, every morning, Daddy doing exercises made famous by Charles Atlas.
Of course, I was a big fan of Charles Atlas.
I think every American boy was.
Yes … I remember those “kick sand in the face” ads on the back of comic books and magazines.
And … yes … I remember ordering the “Charles Atlas Course,” as well.

Daddy always … always … watched the world news at 6:30.
Didn’t matter if we were in the middle of supper or not …
He would grab his plate, and go into the living room, sit on the couch, and watch the news.
I remember Chet Huntley and David Brinkley.
I remember Walter Cronkite.
I remember, on Saturday nights … Roger Mudd hosting the Saturday Evening News on CBS.
We always watched that …
Wrestling was on, from Chattanooga, at 5:00, so the news would follow at 6:00.
I remember … when we got one of our first hogs/pigs, Daddy named it “Roger Mudd.”

I remember … after the news … if we were lucky … we’d get to watch “Truth or Consequences” with Bob Barker, and then … if we got to watch that … we could watch “Dragnet.”
I remember … that, sometimes, we would watch “To Tell the Truth” with Gary Moore hosting.
That was usually the only hour of TV we got …
Except on Thursday night … when “The Waltons” were on.
On Friday nights … we got a bonus:
We were able to watch “Sanford and Son.”
I remember “Chico and the Man,” which would follow.

We were all awake, watching Walter Cronkite, when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon.

Anyway … back to the game shows …

I was a fan of “The Jokers Wild” years ago.
I remember that I always did well on getting the answers correct.
I don’t get to watch “Jeopardy!” anymore, and I have no real interest in “game shows,” but I still love anything that carries a “question and answer” theme.
For example, when writing Part One of this series, I needed to check spelling and correct definition of a word. I use the Dictionary and Thesaurus.
Of course … before I left their website … I had to take at least one quiz … I did pretty well on it …
So, the point is, I still like quizzes, and the like, which test knowledge.

So, I thought I’d check out the new “Jokers Wild” television show. As written, I was a big fan of the show, many years ago.
When it first aired, the show was billed as
“The game where knowledge is king and lady luck is queen.”

By the way, Jack LaLanne would say that
“Exercise is king and nutrition is queen.”

As I researched the history of the show, it read like a “who’s who” of game shows.
“The Jokers Wild” first aired on CBS from 1972 to 1975, and from 1977 to 1986 in syndication. A children’s version, titled “Joker! Joker!! Joker!!!” aired from 1979 to 1981, and
a revival of the series aired in 1990 and 1991. The creator of the show, Jack Barry, hosted the show from 1972 to 1984, and is the host I have always associated with “Jokers Wild.”

In my research, I discovered this:
Jack Barry was not the original choice to host the show.
Allen Ludden hosted the first two pilot episodes for CBS.
Tom Kennedy, Wink Martindale, and Allen Ludden were the three top choices to host, but each was already committed to other shows. Kennedy was tied to “Split Second” for ABC, Ludden had just started hosting a revival of “Password,” and Martindale was to host “Gambit.”
They offered the hosting job to Dennis James, who had originally been the favorite to land the host job for the upcoming Mark Goodson–Bill Todman Productions’ game show “The New Price Is Right.” When CBS agreed to a weekday daytime version of “The New Price Is Right,” Vice President of Daytime Programming B. Donald “Bud” Grant wanted 15-year “Truth or Consequences” host Bob Barker to host “The New Price is Right” instead of Dennis James. Bob Barker originally said he would gladly host “Jokers Wild,” but Grant convinced him to take the hosting role on “The New Price Is Right” instead, which, as you know, Bob Barker would then host for 35 years. Meanwhile, Dennis James was hired by Goodson to host a night-time syndicated version of “The New Price Is Right.”

By the way … I remember … “Password” with Allen Luden.
Remember how popular this show was?

“The Joker’s Wild,” with host Jack Barry, debuted on CBS, on September 4, 1972, on the same Labor Day as “The New Price Is Right,” as well as “Gambit.” It ran until June 13, 1975, airing at 10:00 AM.

That’s enough for now …
Next time … I promise … to fully explain the title of this series …

As our thoughts … and our pens … turn to …
“Snoop Dogg Presents The Jokers Wild.”
Yes … “that” Snoop Dogg.”

Blessings to you, and your family,
Richard. Vincent. Rose.


Using Isaiah 54:17 to “Beat the Devil:” Part One

Hi Friends:

Oh boy …

This is probably the most unlikely example of using this verse from Isaiah you’ll ever read, but, if one of the ideas of a “blog” is to write about personal experiences … here goes …

All I can say is that what I am sharing helped me … so I know it can help someone else …

Here’s the full verse:
 “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.”
Isaiah 54:17

That’s a good one, right there!

When was the last time you read this verse?
When was the last time you heard this verse?
When was the last time you used this verse?
When was the last time you heard someone speak this verse?
When was the last time you spoke this verse?

You just never know …

How often I’ve written that God will use “every means necessary” to speak to you, to reach you.

It is still true:
God will use every means necessary to speak to you. To reach you.

So many times, I’ve seen a billboard, a bumper sticker, a poster hanging on a wall, or “just happened” to overhear a piece of conversation, as people walked by, which was exactly what I needed to see or hear. I don’t go to the movies very often, but God has spoken to me during a movie … even while watching television …
Note that, often, God will provide a “sign” to confirm something I have been sincerely praying about (yes, often, that means, something I have been sincerely “worried” about).

The reason why is simple:
God dwells inside of me.
He speaks to me.
I speak to Him.
I need to speak to Him more.
I want to hear from Him more.

One of the reasons why God can speak to us in any given environment is because, yes, regardless of where I am, He is there, too.
Like you, I could say something like, “Man … I wish I hadn’t taken Him there …”

Remember that, yes, God is with us wherever we go. And, He is fully capable of speaking to us at any time … any place …
As Andy Rooney might say, “Why is that?”
It’s simply, because, God is with us. Yet, digging even deeper, let’s remember the reason Jesus came to where we were …

Because we could not get to where He was …

God speaks to us because He “goes to where we are.”
That’s why there is no place we can go that God can not reach.
That’s why there is no place we can go that God is not willing to go … to reach us …

Jesus meets us “where we are.”
Not where we should be.
Not where we are supposed to be.
Often, not where anyone should be.
That’s why He is so great and so awesome a Savior.
He is the Savior of the world.
We could not get to where He was.
So, He had to come to where we were.

Guess what?
His goal/purpose is to have us go back to where He is.

Jesus has goals?
Jesus has purpose?

Jesus came to “seek and to save those who are lost.”
To do that, He had to go where “the lost” were/are.
This was/is His purpose.
This is His goal.

He won’t “get to us” until He “gets to” us.
Wherever we are, that’s where He must go.

Paramount to this discussion is this:
Often, we go to where He doesn’t want us to go.
This would be the same places where He doesn’t want to go … But, He has to …
He still has to “make the trip.”
The only way to “reach us” is to reach us.
Regardless of where we are.

Once He reaches us, we’ll never want to go there again.
That, friends, is “the goal.”

It looks like a “Part Two” is coming up.
I never did explain the title, did I?
I planned to, but this was what I had to write for now.

I hope this blesses you.

By the way, I love the book of Isaiah. When I was going through the worst period of my life, God took me to 1st and 2 Peter, and then the book of Isaiah. Even today, just turning to the book of Isaiah brings strong emotion … I read from there often, and hope you do, too.

God’s Word is so good, and I am so glad that He can reach me with it, regardless of where I am …

I’ll explain the title next time … or, at least that’s the plan …

Not up to me …
I’m so glad God gave me this.
I want to hear from Him more.

Blessings to you, and your family,
Richard. Vincent. Rose.

NFL (No Flag Loyalty): My Newest, Biggest Fear: “God Bless America”

Hi Friends:

Like most of you … “I never thought I’d see the day” when individuals, who make an incredible amount of money to play a game, to be allowed to “get rich and famous” by playing this game …
would not stand to honor the very Country which makes such a thing possible …
I also find it hard to believe this is still an issue …

While enjoying this year’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game … I got this wild idea … actually a wild thought … then a wild vision …

As I appreciated the pre-game ceremonies, in particular the honoring of the United States Medal of Honor recipients ….
And, then … when the game was halted in the seventh inning for “all to stand and honor America by the singing of ‘God Bless America’” … I got this vision …
What if?
What if:

What if … the NFL (No Flag Loyalty) decides, like Major League Baseball, to stop play (maybe at the beginning of the 4th Quarter?) for the singing of “God Bless America?”

Allow that to sink in for a moment:

What if the NFL (No Flag Loyalty) decides, like Major League Baseball, to stop play for the singing of “God Bless America.”

What would be the results?
Networks quickly cutting away for a few more beer commercials?
Would teams just go to the locker room at the end of the 3rd Quarter, and not come out until after the song is sung?

Are we getting to the point where the “stand for the Anthem” issue would be included in part of a player’s contract?

Did I just see a news blip (across the screen of ESPN network) that the “Anthem Issue” would be part of a new player agreement? Can this be?

To repeat two points we’ve made during this entire “controversy:”
If they don’t stand for our flag … Whose flag do they stand for?
If they don’t support our Veterans and Military … who’s Veterans and Military do they stand for?
If it’s not just about them … Why do they remove their helmets as they kneel?

Remember, “In honor and respect of our country, and the men and women who bravely serve to protect our freedoms, we ask that you please stand and remove your hats for the singing of our National Anthem …”
So, if it’s not just about them … why do they remove their helmets?
Who’s Flag, Veterans, and Military do they stand for?

Last year, after the “controversy,” it was painfully obvious that the networks purposely stopped airing the playing of the Nation Anthem, which was a staple, for example, on Thursday nights …

So, if the NFL (No Flag Loyalty) stadiums start singing “God Bless America” at, say, the beginning of the 4th quarter … do they also purposely not air that?

Would a solution be, to continue the appearance that the NFL (No Flag Loyalty) supports such a bold move … to have the performance of “God Bless America” during half-time?
That way, they’d be “off the hook;” the networks would simply not show the performance … just as they do now, for The Anthem.

I don’t know … why is it ok to show the Anthem during the Super Bowl, but not other games?  

I won’t change.
I can’t.
My Father-in-law was buried with full military honors.
The flag was draped across his coffin.
My Father was buried with full military honors.
The flag was draped across his coffin.
I received the “In Honor” Pin at his funeral, which I still proudly wear.
The last Funeral Service I attended was for a dear friend, who was a 20-year Veteran.
Full military honors.
The flag draped across his casket.

I’m free.
Because of them.
And, those like them.

Yeah … I’ll stand.

Are there things I believe are “wrong” in our country?
Are there things I believe need to be changed?
Are there things I should protest against?
I guess I’m doing that now.

I just don’t think that disrespecting our flag, our country, my Father-in-law, my Father, my good friend, and all those others who have served, and are serving now, is the way to do it.
However, I guess … if I did not respect our flag, if I did not respect our country, if I did not respect my Father-in-law, if I did not respect my Father, if I did not respect those who have served, and who serve now …
If there was another country I would stand for, if there was another military I would stand for, if there were other veterans I would stand for … then, I guess I would have to not stand, wouldn’t I?

Yes, it is a choice.
I get that.
My Father-in-Law had choices.
My Father had choices.
My close friend had a choice.
All those who have served, and still serve, also had choices.
I choose to honor their choices.

I’ll stand.
What other flag could I stand for?

I have to stand.
I’m an American.
An American citizen.

And, every day, I pray that God will bless America.
I can’t believe that I am here thinking … here in America … even thinking that I hope that someone will not … will not … suggest that the NFL (No Flag Loyalty) have a moment during a game to have a performance of “God Bless America.”
Can I really be thinking that here in America?
Land that I love?

Can you image the uproar if someone suggested such a thing?
Asking to sing, publicly at an NFL (No Flag Loyalty) game, “God Bless America?”
In the middle of a football game?
I mean … I guess it’s ok to sing this during a baseball game … but … to sing this during a football game???
Can you imagine??

Please … don’t suggest this!!!
I mean, if they feel this way about our flag … how would they react about God?
I mean, if it’s ok to disrespect our flag, our country, our military, including those who have died defending our freedom …

Well … you get the idea.

God HAS Blessed America.

Richard. Vincent. Rose.

Real Men/Real Brave: The Kind of Men Who Signed our Declaration of Independence

Real men.
Real brave.

56 men signed the Declaration of Independence.
What sort of men were these?
24 were judges and lawyers.
9 were farmers and plantation owners.
11 were merchants.
The remaining 12?
They were doctors, ministers, and politicians.

Personal note: “Politicians” were in the minority … Commonly, they are listed as the last “group.”
One, as you’ll discover, served in Congress without pay.

They were all educated … “men of means” … and, all knew that signing this document put their lives … their property … their “means” … in jeopardy …

These 56 men were willing to sacrifice everything … to insure our freedom.

Please hear the story of Thomas Nelson, Jr.
The Governor of Virginia.
He signed it.
Then, lived it.
I’m not sure when we started calling certain citizens, like politicians and judges, “honorable,” or adding “The Honorable” to their titles, but … please hear the story of Virginia Governor Thomas Nelson, Jr …
The Honorable Thomas Nelson, Jr.

At the end is a full list of all 56 signers.
56 men.
Real men.
Real brave.
Real heroes.
Real Americans.
Real statesmen.
United Statesmen.

Produced by “Clear Glass Productions.”

“I am thankful to have this time … not to look at what we’ve become … but, to look back at what we were …”
Richard. Vincent. Rose.

Paul Harvey: The Signers of the Declaration of Independence

“The price for this freedom has been high … but we have never been unwilling to pay that price … We must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women …”
President Ronald Reagan

“I, Paul Harvey, do herewith bequeath unto you, something to remember.You may not be able to quote one line from the Declaration of Independence … henceforth, you’ll always be able to quote at least one line …
These men … they considered liberty more important than security … they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor … and they fulfilled their pledge … they paid the price …”


“My Eyes” Video From Jay Shetty

“This message isn’t about being physically blinded.”

We feature this video from Jay Shetty.

Here’s a link to his story.
Please visit, and hear his story.

There are also credits at the end of the video.
I have personally called this story, “My Eyes.”

Please watch.
With your own eyes.

The Statler Brothers: “The Class of ’57”

Hi Friends:

With this song, the Statler Brothers were awarded the 1972 Grammy Award for “Best Country Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group.”

Released in August, 1972, “The Class of ’57” was written by Don Reid and Harold Reid, and was the first single from the album “Country Music Then and Now.”

The Statler Brothers are:
Harold Reid, Phil Balsley, Jimmy Fortune and Don Reid.

The group retired from concerts and tours in 2002.

Here are the words:

The Class of ‘57
(Don Reid / Harold Reid)

Tommy’s selling used cars
Nancy’s fixing hair
Harvey runs a grocery store
And Margaret doesn’t care
Jerry drives a truck for Sears
And Charlotte’s on the make
Paul sells life insurance and part time real estate
Helen is a hostess
Frank works at the mill
Janet teaches grade school, and probably always will
Bob works for the city
And Jack’s in lab research
Peggy plays organ at the Presbyterian Church

And the class of ’57 had its dreams
We all thought we’d change the world with our great works & deeds
Or maybe we just thought the world would change to fit our needs
The class of ’57 had its dreams

Betty runs a trailer park
Jan sells Tupperware
Randy’s on an insane ward
And Mary’s on welfare
Charlie took a job at Ford
Joe took Freddie’s wife
Charlotte took a millionaire
And Freddie took his life
Johnny’s big in cattle
Ray is deep in debt
Where Mavis finally wound up is anybody’s bet
Linda married Sonny
Brenda married me
And the class of all of us is just part of history

And the class of ’57 had its dreams
But living life day-to-day
Is never like it seems
Things get complicated when you get past eighteen
But the class of ’57 had its dreams

The class of ’57 had its dreams
We all thought we’d change the world with our great work & deeds.
Or maybe we just thought the world would change to fit our needs.
The class of ’57 had its dreams.

Songwriters: Don Reid / Harold Reid