God Bless the Believers in Tanzania

School kids in Arusha, Tanzania
School kids in Arusha, Tanzania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Regions of Tanzania
Regions of Tanzania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blessings to our brother for a great trip!
We currently support ministry efforts in Tanzania, through Compassion International. Though our website, also, we have relationships with believers in Tanzania.
How awesome it is, that God is still God, and Jesus is still Lord in Africa!
Blessings, Ted and Carol

P.S. Just last week, we received a package from a dear Pastor in Arusha, Tanzania!

English: Tanzania (orthographic projection) Po...
English: Tanzania (orthographic projection) Português: Tanzânia (projeção ortográfica) Español: Tanzania (proyección ortográfica) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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I leave for Tanzania this morning to speak at a conference for pastors in Mbeya. These church leaders have formed a gospel partnership across the denominations in the 3rd largest city in Tanzania. What a joy and privilege to be teaching and serving brothers in Christ who love the gospel. May its God-glorifying transformative power be evident among us.


Back home! Wonderful trip. Thanks to everyone who prayed. The week of conference ministry went very well. I expounded the book of Ephesians each morning, and then taught on related theological subjects in the afternoon. My aim was to introduce the benefits of consecutive expository preaching and teaching. Something quite new to these faithful pastors. Also to show them the connection between right biblical understanding and God-honouring Christian living. It is always a thrill to expound the gospel and to see the word begin to shape vision for a glorious local church…

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