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Persecuted Christians

Since we launched the Be-A-Voice Network two years ago, thousands of people have agreed to BE A VOICE for persecuted Christians in their church, small group or online sphere of influence. BE-A-VOICE members are speaking up on behalf of our persecuted brothers and sisters, calling others to pray and take other action on behalf of the persecuted church. You too can join this amazing network of believers.

Here’s what some BE-A-VOICE members are saying:

“I am so inspired by your work, and the people in so many countries that so fervently believe in Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Praying for them and writing letters to them is the least I can do. May God continue to encourage, sustain, and protect these brothers and sisters in the Lord!”

—Terry C.

“I so appreciate the work that you do. Thank you for making me aware of my fellow Believers out there, who are being persecuted for their faith in Christ. I am now praying daily for them and writing encouraging letters. My husband and I decided to send out Christmas cards and letters to some of our persecuted Brothers and Sisters this year with our photo. We are putting up a map and marking their names on their countries and praying for them.”

—Patty M.

“I [feel it is] important to be, ‘a voice’ for my persecuted brothers and sisters. The Be-A-Voice Network allows me to continue to serve the persecuted while also serving my local church.”

—Scott S.


By becoming a member, you make a commitment to continue making the message of today’s persecuted church known through prayer, education and practical involvement.

When you join VOM’s new Be-A-Voice Network you will receive FREE online access to prayer bulletins, prisoner profile sheets and you’ll have the ability to request free copies of Tortured for Christ for your Christian friends.

Speak up on behalf of your persecuted brothers and sisters.
Join the Be-A-Voice Network today.

Volunteer for VOM in Your Local Church and Community.




Ministries We Support: Voice of the Martyrs:”What If Your Pastor Couldn’t Go To Bible School?”

What If Your Pastor Couldn’t Go To Bible School?

Dear Friend:
Your pastor probably studied four years-or more!-to become a pastor. Likely he has dozens-maybe hundreds!-of books on his shelves to help him prepare each week’s message for your church and deal with the complex issues faced by members of his flock.
For those pastoring our brothers and sisters in restricted and hostile nations, Bible School or seminary is often an impossible dream. For many of them owning a Bible is an amazing miracle; if they have one it is often the only book they own.
One of the most pressing needs of the persecuted church-across all the nations where VOM works-is the need for developing and training church leaders. Over the past 45 years VOM has consistently helped meet this need with books, training seminars, videos, broadcasts and other resources.
This month we invite you to make a gift to fund this important work, training up shepherds for the growing churches of hostile and restricted nations. Your gift will help VOM provide books and other training materials to pastors in restricted and hostile nations.
Thank you for standing with our persecuted family.
The Voice of the Martyrs

If you would like to view a list of resources on the persecuted church and online specials from VOM, please visit

This online offer is being presented by The Voice of the Martyrs. For additional information, you may contact us by
clicking here or calling our order line at 800-747-0085.


The ten habits of remarkably charismatic people – Yahoo! Small Business Advisor

The Ten Habits of Remarkably Charismatic People

This is a really good article:
It reminds how important, and how needed by those we minister to, the
skill of “just listening” is. That, when we are speaking to someone, we
make them feel like they are the most important person in the world to
us at that moment …
And, by the way, the word “Charismatic” here, means just that …
As I read this list again, it so reminds me of a couple of other “C”
Words. Here’s the short list:

What a great list:
1. They listen way more than they talk.
2. They don’t practice selective hearing.
3. They put their stuff away.
4. They give before they receive–and often they never receive.
5. They don’t act self-important…
6. …Because they realize other people are more important.
7. They shine the spotlight on others.
8. They choose their words.
9. They don’t discuss the failings of others…
10. …But they readily admit their failings.

Here’s the link to the article:
The ten habits of remarkably charismatic people – Yahoo! Small Business Advisor.



Ministries We Support: Safe Harbor Ministries

Safe Harbor Ministries is a women’s ministry,
which we are proud to support.

We realize that every state or region of the country has a similar-type ministry in operation, which we encourage you to support … Safe Harbor Ministries is the ministry which serves our region/area, and Carol has witnessed first-hand the mighty power of the Holy Spirit moving during their Weekend Retreats.

Their Mission Statement is:

“To proclaim the Good News of the ministry of Jesus, and to bring His comfort, healing, and freedom to those who are brokenhearted or in need of His liberating power. We endeavor to provide a safe place to experience the healing, redeeming, and transforming love of Jesus.”

Safe Harbor Ministries hosts weekend retreats that include fellowship, live music and teachings about the many gifts God has in store, and His ability to transform women into the beautiful and joyful women He has created them to be.
A major reason we support Safe Harbor is their focus on educating churches about domestic violence and abuse, so that survivors can more freely access the special healing power that Jesus holds for them through their own church families.

Safe Harbor Ministries was founded by Rev. Christine Raymond, and is an interdenominational ministry.
We Love Christine!

Christine is an ordained minister and licensed Christian Counselor.
As a survivor of child sexual abuse and sexual assault as a young adult, she has a particular desire and concern to minister to victims and survivors of sexual abuse, physical abuse and domestic violence, and to assist churches and spiritual leaders to minister to the needs of these survivors.
Christine has been in ministry for over 30 years, 22 of those years as co-pastor with her husband, JeanPaul, in Boston, MA.

For more information about this ministry, including how to receive their e-mail newsletter, just click the link below:

We both love lighthouses, and especially what this one represents!


Ministries We Support: Joni And Friends

Richard.Vincent.Rose. Writes About “Joni and Friends”

I first saw Joni on the cover of a Gospel tract, many years ago, and immediately felt the call to help her ministry in any way I could. I know that with God, all things are possible … yet, from the first time I read her story, then began to read her words, then heard her speak, it was clear that with Joni, God had done something very special …

Her love for the unloved, her compassion for those hurting, her concern for the disabled, and the way her love of Jesus shines forth, I can honestly say that “when I look at her, when I hear her speak, it is Jesus that I see.”

As she has for millions around the globe, Joni Eareckson Tada has inspired and encouraged me, often in ways that can’t be explained, only felt.

I love to share her story, and in fact, I just gave a copy of the audio book of her autobiography, the 25th Anniversary Edition (narrated by the author, of course), to a dear sister who is considering working with special needs children. A young lady who just happens to also be an artist.

I have been blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with special-needs children, including the severely handicapped population. I just can’t put into words how special this ministry is, and the impact which Joni and Friends is having spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a broken, hurting world.

On a personal note, as I writer and speaker, I admire, respect, and am encouraged by the work of Joni Eareckson Tada, more than any person I have ever been blessed to hear or read.

As I write this, it occurs to me that Joni embodies the very essence of “Why, Pastor, Why.” From watching her speak, hearing her words of comfort, speaking God’s Word, there is no doubt why “God brought her out.” God knows what He is doing. There was no other person on earth who could do what Joni has done, that, in spite of circumstances, “serving Him with all her heart would be her life’s goal.”  

What an honor to be allowed the privilege to ask you to join Joni and Ken’s ministry, and help in any way you can.

Blessings to you, and your family,


Joni and Friends was established in 1979 by Joni Eareckson Tada, who at 17 was injured in a diving accident, leaving her a quadriplegic. Since its inception, Joni and Friends has been dedicated to extending the love and message of Christ to people who are affected by disability whether it is the disabled person, a family member, or friend. Our objective is to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of this group of people in practical ways.

Joni and Friends is committed to recruiting, training, and motivating new generations of people with disabilities to become leaders in their churches and communities.

Today, the Joni and Friends International Disability Center serves as the administrative hub for an array of programs which provide outreach to thousands of families affected by disability around the globe. These include two radio programs, an award winning television series, the Wheels for the World international wheelchair distribution ministry, Family Retreats which provide respite for those with disabilities and their families, Field Services to provide church training along with educational and inspirational resources at a local level, and the Christian Institute on Disability to establish a firm biblical worldview on disability-related issue.

From local neighborhoods to the far reaches of the world, Joni and Friends is striving to demonstrate to people affected by disability, in tangible ways, that God has not abandoned them – He is with them – providing love, hope, and eternal salvation.
Please Click on the Links Below to
visit “Joni and Friends”

Joni’s Personal Welcome To Joni and Friends!

Joni And Friends Home Page

Kids Corner Video Welcome-OK This Is Awesome And Just For The Kids!



Ministries We Support: House of Hope

One of Carol’s dearest friends is an OBGYN physician who gives of her time and talent by traveling around the world to minister and treat victims of unspeakable human suffering.

Below is a link to a video posted on youtube that gives some information about this ministry.

NOTE: The content, learning what is happening to these children, is disturbing, but also is necessary to understand the circumstances, and what these volunteers must face as they travel to minister in the name of Jesus … who loves these children, too!

Here is part of an email we received from our friend,

after returning from a recent ministry trip:

 “Hi.  I cannot even explain in words yet what I have experienced in Nicaragua.I am holding up very well. I have been a “mama” to several of the little girls this last week …it is humbling to have these little treasures fall in love with you, write you letters, draw pictures for you of affection, and then cry when I left. It is so hot and humid here. 7 women were saved for Jesus last week.The days were long starting at 5:30 and not ending until 10 pm.It was a long and hard two weeks, but what a privilege to be the Hands of God.”

Click Here To View Video

Click Here To Go To House of Hope Website

House of Hope Nicaragua