Ministries We Support: House of Hope

One of Carol’s dearest friends is an OBGYN physician who gives of her time and talent by traveling around the world to minister and treat victims of unspeakable human suffering.

Below is a link to a video posted on youtube that gives some information about this ministry.

NOTE: The content, learning what is happening to these children, is disturbing, but also is necessary to understand the circumstances, and what these volunteers must face as they travel to minister in the name of Jesus … who loves these children, too!

Here is part of an email we received from our friend,

after returning from a recent ministry trip:

 “Hi.  I cannot even explain in words yet what I have experienced in Nicaragua.I am holding up very well. I have been a “mama” to several of the little girls this last week …it is humbling to have these little treasures fall in love with you, write you letters, draw pictures for you of affection, and then cry when I left. It is so hot and humid here. 7 women were saved for Jesus last week.The days were long starting at 5:30 and not ending until 10 pm.It was a long and hard two weeks, but what a privilege to be the Hands of God.”

Click Here To View Video

Click Here To Go To House of Hope Website

House of Hope Nicaragua


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