Ministries We Support: Safe Harbor Ministries

Safe Harbor Ministries is a women’s ministry,
which we are proud to support.

We realize that every state or region of the country has a similar-type ministry in operation, which we encourage you to support … Safe Harbor Ministries is the ministry which serves our region/area, and Carol has witnessed first-hand the mighty power of the Holy Spirit moving during their Weekend Retreats.

Their Mission Statement is:

“To proclaim the Good News of the ministry of Jesus, and to bring His comfort, healing, and freedom to those who are brokenhearted or in need of His liberating power. We endeavor to provide a safe place to experience the healing, redeeming, and transforming love of Jesus.”

Safe Harbor Ministries hosts weekend retreats that include fellowship, live music and teachings about the many gifts God has in store, and His ability to transform women into the beautiful and joyful women He has created them to be.
A major reason we support Safe Harbor is their focus on educating churches about domestic violence and abuse, so that survivors can more freely access the special healing power that Jesus holds for them through their own church families.

Safe Harbor Ministries was founded by Rev. Christine Raymond, and is an interdenominational ministry.
We Love Christine!

Christine is an ordained minister and licensed Christian Counselor.
As a survivor of child sexual abuse and sexual assault as a young adult, she has a particular desire and concern to minister to victims and survivors of sexual abuse, physical abuse and domestic violence, and to assist churches and spiritual leaders to minister to the needs of these survivors.
Christine has been in ministry for over 30 years, 22 of those years as co-pastor with her husband, JeanPaul, in Boston, MA.

For more information about this ministry, including how to receive their e-mail newsletter, just click the link below:

We both love lighthouses, and especially what this one represents!



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