Heroes of the Faith: Sarah Hale

For 17 years, Sarah Josepha Hale wrote five sitting Presidents to advocate for a national day of Thanksgiving that all states would celebrate on the same day.
Here are a list of great stories, from a variety of sources, which you’ll enjoy reading about Sarah Hale (who, by the way, was from New Hampshire), and our first Thanksgiving Day  Proclamations:
This is an entertaining, and informative story, from “The Huffington Post: price/sarah hale

Here is a brief biography of Sara Hale, from “Christianity.Net”: hale

Here, from “Christian”, is the official proclamation from Abraham Lincoln. It was this proclamation which eventually led to the establishment of our national Thanksgiving holiday.

Christian Answers: Abraham Lincoln Proclamation

Ted and Carol


Camels, Horses, Bicycles: The Most Unique Tools of Evangelism


Brother “Alim” lives in an Arab nation where Bible distribution and evangelism remain extremely difficult and dangerous. Entering some areas is nearly impossible due to the harsh landscape.
However, with God, all things are possible.
He had a strange request: “Can you help me buy a camel?”
But The Voice of the Martyrs understood immediately after Alim explained his plan. “If I can travel across the open desert I can share Christ with people who have never heard. It would be difficult to survive such a trip by foot or in a motorized vehicle. But with a camel, I can make the journey!”
Alim is now actively traveling to share the gospel with the help of a camel purchased by The Voice of the Martyrs.
Persecuted Christians have always found unique ways of spreading the gospel and The Voice of the Martyrs has always appreciated their God-given creativity as they work in restricted and hostile nations. Some use animals to skirt border guards to deliver Bibles into closed nations.
Our co-workers in Colombia use high altitude horses to reach the guerilla camps and remote villages on mountaintops.
Pastors throughout Asia and India use bicycles often outfitted with sound systems, musical instruments and literature to share the gospel throughout their nation.
Our founder, Richard Wurmbrand once wrote:
“The Underground Church… is so willing to give its martyrs! It is so willing to risk years in… prisons! But all of its willingness is of no value if it does not have the tools with which to work.”
Would you like to help sponsor a camel, a high-altitude horse, a bicycle or other unique tools for evangelism in today’s restricted nations?
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Heroes of the Faith: Mary Webb

Mary Webb Organized Missions from Wheelchair:
This is an incredible story, and an inspiration to all of us.
We have reprinted this story from
Baptist Bible Tribune:

Mary Webb

The overcomer

by Thomas Ray

The name Mary Webb is almost unknown among Baptists. However, this tiny little woman, confined to a wheel­chair, probably did more than any other woman to arouse the Baptist denomination and make them the most missionary-minded group in modern history.

Mary Webb was born in 1779 in Boston, MA. When she was about five, she contracted an unknown and usually deadly disease. The doctors were certain she would not sur­vive. Miraculously she recovered; however, her illness left her hopelessly crippled. Sadly, Mary’s father died when she was 13, leaving the family in a dire financial state. It was at this time that a neighbor, Thomas Baldwin, pastor of Second Baptist Church, took a special interest in the Webb family, espe­cially little Mary.

As a result of Pastor Baldwin’s compassion, Mary began attending Second Baptist and after several discussions with Pastor Baldwin and a careful study of the Scriptures, Mary, at the age of 19 ,made a public confession of her faith and was bap­tized. Pastor Baldwin was an ardent supporter of home and foreign missions, and Mary caught her pastor’s vision, and after reading a missionary sermon she approached him with a plan she believed would aid the missionary cause.

In the 18th and early 19th century, it was almost unheard of for women to take an active part in church affairs. Thank­fully, Pastor Baldwin was a man of vision, and he not only listened to Mary’s plan, he encouraged her to proceed with her dream. Mary Webb may have been crippled, but she pos­sessed a brilliant mind and the determination to implement her dream. She convinced 13 women to join her, and in 1800 they organized the Women’s Foreign Missionary Society.

Initially, the society’s goal was to contribute funds for the distribution of Bibles and gospel literature. However, Mary Webb and her ladies, seeing the enormous need of Boston’s neglected poor and discarded women and children, were determined to minister to their needs. Acting upon their faith, they employed a missionary to visit and to minister to Boston’s poor. Mary Webb and her ladies assisted in estab­lishing in 1803 the Female Cent Society and the Children’s Cent Society in 1811. The objective of these societies was for each member to contribute one cent a week to missions.

In 1811 Mary Webb assisted in founding the Corban Society that raised money to help educate worthy but poor young ministers. In 1812 they established the Fragment Soci­ety that collected clothing and bedding for needy children. The society also provided a day care for the children of work­ing mothers. In 1818 Mary Webb led in the founding of a female refuge to help rescue women who were enslaved by alcohol and immorality. In 1825 she established a free school for girls whose parents were too poor to pay for their education.
Perhaps you are think­ing with all these extra activi­ties Mary Webb would have little or no time for her local church, but the opposite is true. Only sickness could prevent her from occupying her place on Sunday. In 1816 Second Baptist established a Sunday school, and Mary Webb was chosen and served for many years as a superintendent. Almost everyone living in Boston was familiar with Mary Webb. She and her wheelchair were a familiar sight on the streets of Boston as she visited the sick, the dying, and the poor bringing food, clothing, compassion, and hope. But per­haps her greatest contribution was the impact she and her ladies had upon Baptist women. Through Mary Webb’s influ­ence, hundreds of female societies sprung up all over Ameri­ca. These ladies looked to Mary Webb for advice and counsel in duplicating her work in Boston. Mary could not travel, but she wrote thousands of letters of encouragement and coun­sel. Mary Webb faithfully served her master for over 50 years and in 1861, at the age of 82, she escaped her frail and broken body.

Article courtesy of Baptist Bible Tribune:


Free Online Resource: The Literature Network

This is a great FREE online resource for all of us who love literature. Read books, essays, reference works, poems, short stories, quotes … and yes, they do have religious books and writings for you to enjoy. You can search by author, etc. They also have some great quizzes to test your knowledge of authors and literature.
Here is their statement from their home page:
“We offer searchable online literature for the student, educator, or enthusiast. To find the work you’re looking for start by looking through the author index. We currently have over 3000 full books and over 4000 short stories and poems by over 250 authors. Our quotations database has over 8500 quotes.”

Link to The Literature Network:


Ministries We Support: House of Hope – Nicaragua | The Pursuant Blog Reviews House of Hope-Nicaragua

“Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The streets are lined with graffiti, litter and metal building. HOH (House of Hope) is a fenced in community providing protection, shelter, education, and two meals a day to families and girls rescued from severe poverty and sexual abuse in Managua. Mission teams provide the funding and labor needed to build houses and provide for other needs of HOH.”

Read about their visit to House of Hope:
House of Hope – Nicaragua | The Pursuant Blog.

Also: Here is a Direct Link to House of Hope-Nicaragua


Heroes of the Faith: Luke, The Beloved Physician

As I reflect on the life of Luke, I am reminded of how God always puts the right  people in our lives. I am reminded of Timothy. I must admit that, before I read this article, I never considered God’s hand in bringing Luke and Paul together. Think about this:
“It is likely that God used his medical skills to keep Paul alive some of those times when he was beaten, stoned or half-drowned.” 

In Remembrance of “Dear Doctor Luke.” – AD 1-300 Church History Timeline.



Voice of the Martyrs: Animated Video For Persecuted Christians Leads Child To Christ

Dear Friends:
The Voice of the Martyrs created JESUS: He Lived Among Us for use in hostile and restricted nations where Christians are persecuted for their faith. But we also wanted to make the video available to our readers and other Christians in the United States, to enrich their understanding of persecution against even the earliest Christians.

VOM reader Shirley D. recently shared about her experience with the video, specifically how it affected her granddaughter, 5-year-old Rylee.

As they watched the film, Rylee was completely absorbed in the story of Jesus. But after the movie, she wanted to be alone. She was sad because of the suffering that Jesus endured.

Shirley gently explained that Jesus willingly endured the pain, paying the price for our sins so we could be saved and have a relationship with God.

Deeply touched by the story of Jesus as told through the video, Rylee made the commitment to follow him fully. She then prayed with her grandma, asking God to forgive her sins and to help her live for him.

Shirley finished the story this way:

Once we were through, Rylee gave me a beaming smile with her eyes sparkling—there was no doubt she had felt the presence of the Lord! She ran off happily, then suddenly stopped and turned around, and ran back. “Grandma,” she said, “can I hug you?” And she gave me a big, long hug! What joy to have the privilege of sharing that wonderful life-changing experience!

Praise the Lord for little Rylee and her openness to the Good News! We pray that many more souls, in hostile and restricted nations and in the United States, will be presented with the life-changing story of Jesus’ love through this animated video.

We encourage you to support VOM’s efforts inside hostile and restricted nations.

Thank you for standing with VOM as we spread the Good News!

For those in bonds,

The Voice of the Martyrs

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Guest Post: “Must Schools Teach the Bible?”

“…the removal of the Bible from schools is a problem, but not THE problem.”

Wow! Great truth, even if we don’t want to hear it!
I used to think the same way about the Bible being taken out of schools, as the reason behind our decline. Then, when my Pastor made the statement that, “I don’t send my children to school to learn the Bible. I send my children to school to learn to read, to write, to learn science, etc … They are supposed to learn the Bible, and learn about being a Godly influence in an ungodly world, at home. Then, they can go out and be God’s light …”
I was taken aback by the first part of the statement, then I realized the truth of the second part of the statement.
I agree that, when I (“we”) went to school (in the “old days”), the schools backed up what children learned at home. Now, they don’t get the Godly upbringing at home, and the schools aren’t allowed …
This whole argument reminds me of a similar way of thinking I used to have: I was always a strong supporter of the death penalty … until my Pastor said, “How can I support the death penalty, and be against abortion?”

Allow me to close with this statement: As someone who, yes, works in the public school system, I can say this, with authority: Yes, God is allowed in my school. The Holy Spirit is allowed in my school. And, Jesus is allowed in my school. I bring Him with me. Where I am, He is. He never leaves me … even when I’m not at home … or at church.
The real trouble is that, either people don’t have Him, or they don’t allow Him, or they “turn Him off” when they walk up the steps. The steps to their job, the steps to their school, etc.
Thanks so much for this article. Let’s pray all will read it all.

Certainly Resurgam

By Thailer

That’s right. I’m asking the question: ‘Must schools and different institutions teach the Bible?’ The answer is ‘no.’ As a Christian who has access to facebook, you can only imagine the various things people say that provoke a lot of meditation on my part. There are many pictures and quips being tossed around that reveal that many Bible-believing Christians think schools should teach the Bible and that the fact that the Bible is removed from schools has resulted in the depraved society in which we live. But is that completely true? Such an example follows: “Schools were started by churches to teach children how to read the Bible…Now we can’t read the Bible in schools! See the problem?” No. This is the problem I see: God never intended for schools to be teaching children the Bible. No schools or any man-made institution were to be the origin of…

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