Guest Post: “Must Schools Teach the Bible?”

“…the removal of the Bible from schools is a problem, but not THE problem.”

Wow! Great truth, even if we don’t want to hear it!
I used to think the same way about the Bible being taken out of schools, as the reason behind our decline. Then, when my Pastor made the statement that, “I don’t send my children to school to learn the Bible. I send my children to school to learn to read, to write, to learn science, etc … They are supposed to learn the Bible, and learn about being a Godly influence in an ungodly world, at home. Then, they can go out and be God’s light …”
I was taken aback by the first part of the statement, then I realized the truth of the second part of the statement.
I agree that, when I (“we”) went to school (in the “old days”), the schools backed up what children learned at home. Now, they don’t get the Godly upbringing at home, and the schools aren’t allowed …
This whole argument reminds me of a similar way of thinking I used to have: I was always a strong supporter of the death penalty … until my Pastor said, “How can I support the death penalty, and be against abortion?”

Allow me to close with this statement: As someone who, yes, works in the public school system, I can say this, with authority: Yes, God is allowed in my school. The Holy Spirit is allowed in my school. And, Jesus is allowed in my school. I bring Him with me. Where I am, He is. He never leaves me … even when I’m not at home … or at church.
The real trouble is that, either people don’t have Him, or they don’t allow Him, or they “turn Him off” when they walk up the steps. The steps to their job, the steps to their school, etc.
Thanks so much for this article. Let’s pray all will read it all.



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