Ministries We Support: Great Vision Pentecostal Church & Ministry: Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa

It is our honor, privilege, and great blessing to hear from, and serve, dear Brothers and Sisters all over the globe. For several months, we have been blessed to have been able to correspond with Pastor Daudi Msimbe, who, along with his wife, Georgina, are founders and directors of Great Vision Pentecostal Church & Ministry of People Shipping Centre, located in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa.We are blessed to have many contacts on the continent of Africa, through hearing from ministry teams and individual Christians who live and minister there. One reason that Tanzania has such a special place in our heart is because of our association with Compassion International.   
There are so many others in great need there.
We are sharing with you some pictures and information about Great Vision Pentecostal Church & Ministry of People Shipping Centre, located in Arusha, Tanzania. How blessed we are here in the ‘States, and they would be the first to witness to you about how blessed they are over in East Africa. We have included pictures of Pastor Daudi and  Georgina Msimbe, their church, images from their services, and a couple of baptism pictures. As powerful as these images are, there is just something about a baptism, which stirs something special within our soul. Praise Jesus! One Spirit. One Savior. One Baptism. One Church. One World. One Heaven.

Hello to our friends in Africa! And, to our friends everywhere.
Please enjoy the pictures, and please note that we have included contact information (mailing and email) for the ministry. We close the article with a personal message we received from Pastor Msimbe.
Blessings to you all, everywhere,
Ted and Carol
“I am very happy to send our greetings from Tanzania.
Thanks and you are most welcome to Tanzania and I will be happy one day to meet face to face.
A greeting all of you in the name of our Lord Jesus,”

Daudi & Georgina Msimbe
Founders & Directors
Great Vision Pentecostal Church & Ministry of People Shipping Centre
P.O.BOX 13437
Arusha Tanzania
East Africa
+255 754 22 84 77
+255 755 56 54 73


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