Heroes of the Faith: Former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback John Kitna and Wife Jeni

TACOMA, Wash. – You would think that after 15 years of getting beaten up, pushed around and run over, Jon Kitna would be ready to take a break. But in reality, after surviving the physical pounding of a long NFL career, he has just begun his work … to give students a place to receive guidance and discipline they might not otherwise get … “When I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior … My whole life completely, radically changed. Who I was before that and who I am now are two totally opposite people.”

Here is a story I ran across, back in September, while, over lunch, I was catching up on sports news online … I remember John Kitna when he played quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys … I hope this story encourages you, blesses you, just as it did me: This is from NBC Sports online: Please remember that God has placed His people, strategically, “all over,” and yes, in some of the darkest places-even here in the U.S. Writing this from northern New Hampshire, I can agree with that! Always remember that it is the dark places that most need the light, and benefit from it the most. 

Be blessed, inspired, and encouraged,



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