Of Stairs, Prayers, and High Chairs

I have said so often that, what seemed to be the worst thing that ever happened to me, turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I just didn’t know it at the time. Usually, it takes a long time, maybe even years, to realize this simple fact, that what appeared to be a great tragedy, had to happen, in order to realize the even greater blessing later. You realize that God was, really, in control, the whole time-even though I wasn’t.

Rarely, you realize this fact soon after the “event.”

I’d like to share with you a story to explain:

A teaching colleague, Liz, who is one of the best-and nicest-teachers I’ve ever known, recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, named Arielle. A beautiful, and from all appearances, a very healthy baby girl.
Just a few days after coming home from the hospital, Liz was holding Arielle tightly, as she walked down 5 stairs in her home. Liz fell down all 5 steps, with baby. This was a tragic event, and Arielle was rushed to the ER …
It was while baby Arielle was being examined that the doctors discovered a tumor on the infant’s brain … an extremely rare, and at the very least, an immediate life-threatening danger … it would turn out that Arielle is the only documented newborn with this type of brain tumor. Just a newborn, and facing surgery, biopsy results, waiting, another surgery, waiting, biopsy results, waiting, surgery, waiting, waiting for chemo, and waiting … waiting … waiting …
By the way, the initial surgery was 8 hours.

Immediately the prayer requests went out, and I know that people from all over have been praying, and continue to pray for this precious child, her parents, and her two siblings.
God responded.

The initial surgery went better than expected, and her symptoms are under control. Elizabeth and baby Arielle were able to go home on Thursday, March 21 … On Tuesday (Tomorrow as we write this), March 26, the doctors should know exactly what kind of tumor it is (2 previous biopsies with 2 different results) … and the first round of chemo starts tomorrow … long road? A minimum of 1 1/2 years traveling back and forth to chemo … at least the medications and various procedures can be done at home …

We are joining with the family and asking you to pray for this precious family, because we know that you will … we promise to give you updates on baby Arielle as we go …

I would like to share this message from Elizabeth, which part of a thank you letter she sent to those who have been praying for and supporting the family:
“… the doctors have been stunned by her resilience … Phil and I are completely convinced that we were given a miracle, and that God responded to the flood of prayers that have been sent. (Plus, I don’t think my fall down the stairs was a random occurrence … It was a trip to the ER to have her checked out that coincidentally found this tumor. If I hadn’t fallen, the tumor may have been discovered too late).”

There are 2 websites that we would like to make you aware of:
The first is “Care Pages,” a website which offers “free patient blogs that connect friends and family during a health challenge.” There is a lot of information here, and great encouraging stories. Many of you may be familiar with “Care Pages,” but this was new to us. What they are doing is trying to help and encourage, and we support that. Here is their main website link:


One of her family members set up a website for Elizabeth and her family, called
“Prayers and Pennies for Arielle,” where donations can be made to help the family with their expenses. I personally know that this is the website that schools, organizations, and so many friends are using to give, to support this family. We encourage you to join us in helping to bless this precious family during this time …
There is also a link where you can go directly to the family’s page, so that you can
communicate directly with them, and get all the updates.
Just click on the picture (of Arielle) below to go directly to “Prayers and Pennies for Arielle.” And, please join with us to continue praying for more miracles to follow:
Baby Arielle

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