He’s Still Alive, Forgiving, Healing, and Saving

I wanted to share this video of Don Francisco singing his great song “He’s Alive.” As a bonus, the beginning of the video has a short interview with Don and Wendy Francisco, with Don explaining the story behind the song. I didn’t realize that the original “narrator” in the song was Thomas …
I love what Don says about why he chose to write Peter as the narrator.
So many of us can relate to Simon Peter, for reasons which Don touches on here.
When I was researhing this song on YouTube, I noticed the comment posted underneath the video. Someone had written how the song “He’s Alive” played a large part in leading them to Jesus as their Savior. Because, through the song, they realized that if Jesus could forgive Peter, He would forgive them. They accepted Christ, because Christ had accepted them.

It comes to my “writing mind” that, when Jesus was talking to Peter, the thought “From one Rock to another” came to mind.

Enjoy the interview, and the song. This song is “Alive!”

P.S. By the way, Don is the son of a Pastor.

Here is a direct link to the official Don Francisco website:


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