Memorial Day Pictures: There Just Aren’t Any Words To Add

Hi All:
For Memorial Day, I’d like to share these pictures with you …
They have been sent to me, personally, over the past few months, and except for the last picture (soldiers praying), I have not shared them …
I have personal names for each of the pictures, such as “soldiermom,” “sonreceivingflag,” etc., and I’d like you to see them. Just like every day, to Christians, should be Christmas and Easter combined, how about Memorial Day … it is every day that we reap the benefits of their sacrifice, and love for us … and their fellow man …
Please, see the pictures for what they represent, to all of us …
There are no captions, no quotes, no comments … Look at the pictures … There just aren’t any words I can add …

soldiermomsoldierkissingchildFallen Soldiers Prayersoldierchildsafe

childkissingsoldiersoldierinmiddleSon Receiving FlagSoldiers Praying in Circle

To all of our friends, all over the world … the same God watches over us all … and Jesus is still Lord of all …

Ted and Carol




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3 thoughts on “Memorial Day Pictures: There Just Aren’t Any Words To Add

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with me and be sure that you are added to our prayer list as well. Too bad we can’t get in touch with the soldiers. But Yah has his perfect plan.
    Shalom and Love
    Jim Brooks


  2. Rev. Jim:
    Thank you so taking the time to write to us. I must be honest … we had used the “Soldiers Praying” photo over on our Pastor Appreciation Gifts website for a long time … however, this is one of those pictures which a friend sends you … then, after time, you forget where the picture came from, or who sent it to you … so, honestly, I don’t know who took the photo, or the soldiers photographed … It remains one of those moments captured in time, a photograph which you can feel. Even today, so long after the first time I saw the photo, I still feel it. Amazing photo. I like to think that whoever is responsible for it would be proud of what it has represented to so many people over all this time.
    Rev. Jim, please allow me to mention that there is a certain group of people which I pray for every day … I pray for the nation of Israel every day, for God to protect her, keep her safe from those who would seek to do her harm. That they would realize the benefits of befriending the nation of Israel. I also pray every day for the Jewish people, everywhere.
    We support various ministries such as Friends of Israel and the Israel Prayer Team … and now, your Prayer Warriors group can be added to that list.
    Blessings to you, your family, and to all of the Prayer Warriors.
    Ted and Carol


  3. Shalom
    My name is Reverend Brooks. I used the group of soldiers praying photo in 2009 to start a Prayer Warriors group. Since then we have gained 109 members from all over the world. We are 110 strong now. They were all inspired by the photo. I wanted to ask your forgiveness for not asking if I could use it back then and ask for permission to continue to use it. I saw this picture on the internet and could not find a better one to put on the groups site.
    I would love to hear from or about each of the members of the group in the photo if it is possible. I would also love to be able to post any comments from you or the soldiers in my group’s chat.
    Love and Shalom
    Sincerely Jim Brooks

    Prayer Warriors
    Created by Jim (James Brooks)2009
    View Groups Prayer Warriors

    A group of people called to prayer for their brothers and sisters in Yahushua. And for the lost.

    Location: Aviv Moon Network
    Members: 110
    Latest Activity: 1 hour ago

    Members – Welcome aboard! Praise Yahuweh you are here and have a heart to pray for others.

    First – keep check on the “Prayer Request Let us Know” disscussion and the prayer request section as often as possible.

    Second – answer the person that posts the request and let them know we are praying.

    Third – If Yahuweh gives you an answer to someones request. Please post answers to these prayers as you get them.

    Fourth – Pray for each other and our families. We are going into warfare on the frontlines. Be sure you are prayed up so that we will be covered by each other and more importantly Yahuweh’s covering.

    Fifth – We must be willing to sacrifice our time to actually do the praying. It will be left up to you to decide as to what, who and how long you will pray.That is between you and Yahuweh.

    Let’s all love and support each other in this and I believe that we can do some serious damage to the enemy. Time is short and we have to be busy doing the father’s work.

    If you have any suggestions for this group please speak up. All suggestions will be prayerfully considered. I appreciate any and all the help I can get.

    Welcome to Prayer Warriors. I pray that we can be a blessing to each other.

    Num 6:23-27

    Jim’s version (JV)

    May Yahuweh bless you, and keep you, Yahuweh make his face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you, Yahuweh lift up his countenance upon you, and give you the peace that passes all understanding. And you shall put the name Yahuweh upon the children of Israel, and he will bless them.


    Jim (


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