Special Video Testimony: Lex Luger on 700 Club

Like so many of you, in times past, I was a professional wrestling fan.
Yes, I will personally admit that I was a huge wrestling fan … growing up, it was my favorite sport … And, had not God intervened, I would have become a wrestler myself …

However, here is the first of what will be a short series of videos we will share with you, featuring a couple of wrestlers from our past … who have had a major transformation … because they met Jesus …

Wrestlers? Wrestling?

Heroes? Villians? Good Guys? Bad Guys?

Let’s see … Maybe I can put it this way …
“I love to hear the story” of a “Bad Guy” who met Jesus, and was transformed …
I used to be a “Bad Guy;” I met Jesus, and that changed everything … except for the way that people-who had not really met Jesus-thought about me …

There have been many “bad guys” who have met Jesus, and their life was transformed … I think of the fact, in my own personal experience, that most of the Christian men I have known in my life, that, next to Jesus, the person from the Bible they most admired was Paul …

Let’s see … Paul … A “bad guy” who met Jesus and had an amazing transformation … Why is it we accept Paul (Who, by the way, took part in the imprisonment, torture, and murder of Christians), yet, we have a hard time accepting the transformation of someone else we’ve “always known” as a “bad guy,” who meets Jesus, and has an amazing transformation?

It seems to me that Paul was accepted by those who knew his past, knew his past completely … but, only by those who also knew Jesus …

I know Jesus, personally, so it is no surprise to me that Jesus is still, today, taking “bad guys” and transforming them …

Here’s the video of Lex Luger on the 700 Club:

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