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We are in the middle of a 2-Part series (of course, part of a larger series) entitled “Success Quotes: From the Source of All Wisdom and Understanding,” and were getting ready to complete Part 2 in the series, when we discovered this, entitled “God Knows” from the “Life References” Blog … it just fits so perfectly into the theme, and also confirms a song I have been listening to, from a CD my niece and her church choir have just released, which includes the song, “God Knows.” God is the Creator, He is everything, all wisdom, understanding, and knowledge belong to Him … He created, and rules over everything … yet … He knows my name … WOW!!! … The reason this is so awesome is because it is true. God knows everything. And, He knows me. He knows and created everything. And, He knows my name! Did I mention, “WOW!!!?”
The amazing thing is that, when researching the “Life References” blog, Bro. Don also has a post that, yes, completely fits perfectly, and “conformationaly” (I may have just invented another new word) into the next post … after Part 2 of the current series …
It strikes me that my introduction is almost as long as the guest post … look around, and enjoy, and feel this post from Bro. Don and his “Life References” blog.
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I don’t know how many people there are in the world these days, but the number is in the billions.  They all have their stories, their hopes, dreams, fears and joys; who can know them all?

God does!

It is hard to get one’s mind around, but it’s true; God knows everything about each one of us.  He knows your thoughts, your habits, your little secrets, your hopes and your motives.  He hears your prayers and your cries and your joy; you are never alone.

So many people feel all alone, so many people feel like nobody cares… it is really a sad state because it is not necessary.  God cares about, knows, loves… YOU!

He desires to have a relationship with all of us.  What keeps that from happening?  We do. We need to seek Him out, to let Him in and to give ourselves over to His love…

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