Free Resource Bible Study: 40 Day Fast From Wrong Thinking

We’d like to share with you this 40 day, daily Bible study, from
Pastor Gregory Dickow, entitled “Fast From Wrong Thinking 40 Day Journey.” We have both been going through this daily journey of devotional/Bible study, and it is really powerful.
This is a free Bible study: You’ll just need to give your email address, and the devotional will be sent to you absolutely free of charge, one each day, for 40 consecutive days.

Think right.
Do right.

This Bible study is a daily reminder of God’s promises to us, and it uses a lot of Scripture to help you learn the concepts of how to free your mind from “Wrong Thinking.” We think you’ll be blessed, encouraged, and empowered by the truths you’ll learn as you go along, with a different step each day. We have enjoyed it, learned from it, and been blessed by it.

Again, this is being offered free. You will have to just go to Pastor Dickow’s website, leave your email address, and your “Journey” will begin the next day, with the first of 40 daily devotionals.
Be encouraged, and be blessed!

Ted and Carol
Here’s the link:
40 Day Fast From Wrong Thinking 




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7 thoughts on “Free Resource Bible Study: 40 Day Fast From Wrong Thinking

  1. Hello: I am trying to get Fasting From Wrong Thinking: Needed is the web site of Gregory Dickow.Sincerely, Marie Correia


  2. Please send me the 40 day fast devotionals to heal my thinking as all the other links given for some reason takes me to other subjects

    Looking forward to start my 40 day fast from tomorrow with the fast for wrong thinking..
    Be blessed


  3. i have read your 40 days fasting from wrong thinking book .i want to say thank you so much it has help me to see things the way Gods see us his children and how there is power in Gods words’ i would love to share this but i have miss place your book i feel that i would love to hold a bible study at my home would love to use your notes can you help me with that pastor . thank you Theresa


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