Guest Post: My Trip to the Philippines | THE CRUNCHY CHRISTIAN

“This trip was hard for a number of reasons but I’ve never felt so encouraged and uplifted in all my life. It’s an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world … Our God is a missionary and so we are missionaries… there are still whole people groups that have never heard of Jesus; of the Lord who has died for them. But the good news is that we can have a part. We must either go or send. We must be either goers or senders. It takes both to successfully spread the gospel into new frontiers …”

We’d like to share this post from Pastor Thailer, from “THE CRUNCHY CHRISTIAN,” one of our favorite blogs, writing about his missionary trip to the Phillipines.
We always encourage you to pray-every day-for Pastors, Missionaries, and  Evangelists around the world. For God to give them safety, protection, wisdom and understanding, and boldness. And, please pray for those who support them! As I read his words, I am again reminded of how fortunate and blessed we are here in the United States. And, let’s face it: So many of us just don’t realize how blessed we are, and how different … how so very different it is in so many ways, in other countries around the globe …

Here’s a direct link to Pastor Thailer




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