Join Us: Love, Compassion, Prayer, and Support For Shaun

To our friends around the world: Here is a very special request, asking you for your prayer and support for a close friend of ours here in the United States.

A dear Brother in the Lord, in fact, one of our own “Children in the Lord,” Shaun Bingham, of Connecticut, is in need of a liver transplant.
Shaun is only 24 years old, has just recently gotten married, and even now, is in a hospital in Connecticut.

We have known Shaun for years, and are so proud of this young man. We never gave up on him during our time in Youth Ministry, and, Jesus didn’t give up on him, either. Even when “Shaun was just being Shaun.” Those of you who have served with youth know what we mean.

God can do anything. There is nothing too hard for Him. Period. We know that God uses all types of people, even doctors, to show forth His great power.

I did some checking out about what Shaun has been up to recently. I can see why he is “eligible” for coming under attack. I can remember when just making sure he went to school was a great task … and, now, in college … well, here’s what his beautiful bride wrote on the website which we will be sharing with you:
“… he has served his community by forming the Quinebaug Valley Campus Ministry where he presides as President and Campus Minister. He has lead many community events that have helped hundereds of Children in the North East Corner of Connecticut. He has served QVCC as their representative to the Connecticut Board of Regents of Higher Education where he has fought for the rights of 92,000 students in the state of Connecticut.   In his spare time he is very active in his local community and church …”

I am so glad that Jesus knew his future …

We are going to share with you two separate website addresses.
One is to a special website, set up by Shaun’s family and friends, where you can donate toward his medical expenses.

One is to his Facebook Page, where he posts about his “day-to-day,” and, really, “procedure-to-procedure” progress. We leave this address in case you’d like to let him know you are praying for him, etc. Wouldn’t you appreciate that? We have so much to be thankful for, and he’s just 24 …

Please join us in praying for Shaun … and, join us in supporting this young man in any way you can.

Here’s the direct link to the “” website, where you’ll be met by a special introduction message from Shaun’s bride. Just click on the picture:

Shaun and Bride

Now, here’s the link to Shaun’s Facebook Page, to contact him, and get the updates. Just click on the picture:
Facebook picture

We are so proud of him! Please join us!

Ted and Carol




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