Video: Hike to B-18 Bomber 1942 Crash Site

On January 14, 1942, 5 weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor, an American B-18 Bomber, patrolling the Atlantic coast, was returning to its base in Massachusetts. Flying at 4,000 feet, they ran into a strong, blinding winter storm, and lost all communication. Flying blind, in heavy winds, they were blown significantly off course. Through a break in the clouds, they saw the lights of a city, which they thought was Providence, RI, and set the course for home. They had no way to know that the city below was actually Concord, NH, which set them on a course directly into the mountains of New Hampshire.

They would crash directly into the side of Mount Waternomee, with seven American soldiers aboard. Just before impact, the co-pilot would make a move that would save 5 of the 7 on board  as the bomber crashed through the trees and deep snow on the side of the mountain. Incredibly, rescue crews from Lincoln, and Woodstock, NH would set out, on snowshoes, in total darkness, and in the midst of a heavy snowstorm, within 30 minutes of the crash, and arrive at the site, on the side of the 4,000 foot mountain, within three hours.

I had the opportunity to hike to the crash site, in the summer of 2012, with a select group of family and friends, including a licensed pilot. I compiled this video of the hike, and added information about the original mission, and an overview of “that time” in our history. How many of us can remember, during this time, especially in the weeks immediately following December, 1941, what the mindset was in this country. How many remember that, even during broadcasts of baseball games, mention of weather conditions by the broadcasters, etc., was prohibited. I can only imagine what the locals must have been thinking when the explosion was heard and seen, from the side of that mountain. And, the courage and compassion of the rescue units which took off through the woods, on snowshoes in a blinding snowstorm, to rescue and carry back, the five surviving crew members.

Here is our video documentary, of a time in December, 1941 and January, 1942 … and then the time in 2012, when a smaller group of citizens, in broad daylight, on a clear, hot, humid summer afternoon, hiked up the side of this same mountain in Lincoln, NH, to be greeted by the remnants of a B18 Bolo Bomber … You could still feel the courage, and tragedy, mingled with wreckage, all equally strewn over the landscape of a New Hampshire mountain …


Richard.Vincent.Rose.: Success: God’s Promises

First … Carol has regained something like 50% vision in her right eye! God had told her, from the start, that this would take some time, and guess what? He was right! Praise His Holy Name! Patient endurance wins again! /TP

The Bible is filled with God’s promises.

Some, unconditional: For instance, covenants, which are based on God’s actions, not man’s: Abrahamic, Davidic, Palestinian, and New covenants.

Many more promises, however, are conditional promises: If you will … then I will …

God can speak, personally, to us, to give us a promise. Most of the time, these are unconditional, like, “Because I love you, that’s why.”

Over the years, God has given me specific promises … promises which, especially during those tough, tough times, I have “held on to.”

When circumstances arise, I have “reminded” God of these/this promise … that a certain thing would happen … or would never happen again. The main point I am making is that it is ok to “remind” God of a specific promise that He’s made to you. Scripture is full of times, when, in times of trial, someone would “remind” God of a promise.

God has revealed this to me: It is ok to remind Him. And, here’s why: It’s not to remind Him … for He never forgets (the only thing God forgets is sin which we have repented of). Anyway, the reason it’s ok to remind God of a specific promise is not to remind Him … He wants us to “remind” Him … and here’s why: To let Him know that WE haven’t forgotten His promise! To let Him know that we believed His promise when He gave it, And that we believe His promise now.

It’s important not just for Him to hear this, but for us to hear us saying it.

We must always remember that God’s promises will happen… in God’s time … not ours. That’s the most difficult part of the process. We want it now! It is the process which builds our patience, and our faith.

One of our favorite verses, in fact it is on our personalized mailing labels, is Hebrews 6:15: “And so, when he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.”

God help us to have faithful endurance! That’s the real key. That, when we “wait upon the Lord,” yes, sometimes that means to actually “wait.” Wait with patience, building our faith each step of the way. 

So, I encourage you to remind God of those specific promises, and remind Him often. Not for His benefit, but for yours. And, always praise Him for those promises, and HIS faithfulness!




Hello All:

First, WOW! Thank you so much for your prayers and concern for Carol.
We have been so blessed to have heard from friends all over the globe … who have prayed for Carol, and for me!

An added blessing has been to have been honored to have heard from friends that we had lost contact with over the years … but, have contacted us in the last few days …
God is so good … still!

Carol is doing great: As you know, at “just the right time” (from an enemy point of view), Carol lost vision in her right eye. Because of her medical history, this was a major concern; not only because of this fact, but that it appeared that “an old medical enemy” was trying to make a comeback.

A few years ago, God healed Carol of a crippling disease. Yes, He did. He can do this because He can do anything. There is nothing too hard for Him. The potential is “always there” for the “condition” to try, attempt, to return a comeback. This was the concern here.

Here’s the situation with Carol: She has optic neuritis, which is an inflammation of the optic nerve. Because of this, the brain cannot receive the “information” from the optic nerve. There are limited treatments for this, but those that are available are potentially successful. The best procedure is to receive medication through an IV, known as an “IV Drip.” The solution is prednisone, which is a steroid. By taking the IV, the medication gets into her system much more quickly, and effectively, than if she took the prednisone by pill.

For months, we had planned a trip to Georgia, and, of course, this situation happened just before our trip. Today is Tuesday, and Carol had her first IV treatment today at the local hospital. The total process is about three hours. The doctors worked out a plan so that we could still take our trip, and they did it so fast! The MRI was done late yesterday, Monday … the doctor called with the results Monday evening, less than four hours later, which, as you know, is a miracle in itself.

We had the consultation today, got the first IV today … Carol will take a prednisone pill tomorrow (airport day) … and on Thursday and Friday, will get the IV treatment at a hospital in Georgia …

This will allow us to still make the trip, and still keep Carol on her medical schedule. She is such a “trooper!” I wish I could take all those needles for her. It is so hard watching the nurses try to find a vein … Today, it took three tries, and she is bruised up from all the previous testing, etc. All this time, with the enemy trying to creep in, her only thought was making this family trip to Georgia … she has been looking forward to this trip, and vacation, maybe more than me … just before the School year begins, only 2 days after we return …

Many of you who contacted us used the word “miracle.” Jesus is still in the saving business, and He is still in the healing business.
Because … He can still do both.

We can see God’s hand in this, every step of the way.

We’ll keep you posted. Earlier, I mentioned “the situation with Carol.”
Here’s “the situation” with Jesus:

Matthew 11:5: “…the blind receive their sight”

Matthew 9:27:30: “Believe ye that I am able to do this? … Yeah, Lord … Then touched he their eyes, saying, according to your faith be it unto you. And their eyes were opened.”

Matthew 20:32-34: “What will ye that I shall do unto you? Lord, that our eyes may be opened … Jesus had compassion and touched their eyes, and immediately their eyes received sight.”

Mark 10:51-52: “What wilt thou that I should do unto thee? The blind man said unto him, Lord that I might receive my sight. And Jesus said … Thy faith hath made thee whole. And immediately he received his sight.”
Here’s “one for the road”:

Matthew 17:20: “If ye have faith, nothing shall be impossible.”

“There is nothing too hard for God to do:”
Genesis 18:14; Jeremiah 32:17, 27

Will close for now. Have some packing to do. Carol … well, she has been packed since Saturday … Lord, give me her faith!

Blessings, and thank you,


Special Video Explanation: Why To Read, and love God’s Word

Here is a great video we received from, featuring Ron Jones, Pastor and teacher, founder of Here, Pastor Jones is explaining the importance of reading God’s Word, and why we should … every day.

This is a four minute video, which began with the question of what book new believers should begin reading, and confirms what we always tell new believers … start with the Gospels, especially the book of John.
Be blessed!


Update On Carol: And Thank You For Prayers

Hi All:

It’s late, and just got back from Portland, Maine, to see the Retina Specialist … The good news is that Carol’s retina is fine … the only explanation for the loss of vision would be that, for some reason, the optic nerve is not sending the information to the brain …

In a few words, the next steps will involve a neurologist, an MRI of the optic nerve, etc., and we’ve been referred to a specialist in this type of condition in Boston.

It looks like the “time factor” is a major factor … whatever it is, it is imperative that we find it … fast …

In fewer words, it may be that an old “medical enemy” is trying to make a comeback, and this is notice of an attempted attack …

I just want to thank you for praying for Carol …
Please continue to do so …

I really don’t see anything here that Jesus can’t fix … After all, He made it, so He can fix it …
I know He can … please join us in praying that He will.



Special, Urgent Prayer Request: For Carol

I am asking all of our friends around the world to pray for my beloved Carol.

I am asking because I know that you will.

Carol had an emergency eye exam yesterday, Friday, because she has lost vision in her right eye, due to a sudden condition in her retina.
Because it was so late in the day, the earliest appointment she could get with a specialist was on Monday, August 5th. She needed a specialist who could also do surgery, if necessary …
The doctor says she has a 50% chance of regaining her vision …

We have an appointment with the specialist on Monday, in Portland, Maine.

I know that God can do anything.
There is nothing too hard for Him.

Of course, when I asked Carol if it was ok to post this, she asked about other people who needed prayer, not her.

I am also not “losing sight” of the fact that she is my beloved “proof-reader,” who was to begin working on the final manuscript of my new book, on Friday, the same day.

Satan is such a jerk!

Let’s get together and give him a black eye, the jerk!

Please pray for the healing of Carol’s right eye, and let’s prepare for the praise report to follow!

Thank you so much.
All of you.