International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church 2013

Here is a special video we’d like to share, produced by “Gospel For Asia,” for the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church 2013, coming up this Sunday, November 3.

Every day, believers around the world risk banishment, beatings, imprisonment and death to follow Christ and take His Gospel farther. Perseverance often seems impossible, but when the Lord enables believers to stand strong, He works mightily through their sufferings.

On November 3 (or any Sunday in November), join churches across the nation in lifting up the persecuted through unified prayer. Share this video with your congregation, and let them see how their prayers can strengthen believers and expand God’s kingdom into the most unreached places.


Carol Writes: God Still Heals-Even at the Hospital!

On Tuesday October 1, 2013 at our weekly ladies Bible study, the ladies had a divine appointment.

As we were having a discussion, a gentleman whose wife was in the hospital at this time came into our Bible study and wanted prayer for his wife. His wife was diagnosed with cancer of the lungs and also had COPD. The doctors, after testing, gave this lady two weeks to live. In desperation and with great faith, this Christian man walked into a ladies Bible study to ask the ladies to pray for his wife. Apparently, someone in the hospital told this man that there was a ladies Bible study on the first floor of the hospital. All the ladies were in agreement to pray for this man and his wife of 92 years of age. With obedience to God, every lady at the Bible study prayed for a complete healing of this very sick lady.

One of the ladies at the Bible study worked at the switchboard in the hospital. A week later, on October 8, this man and lady were leaving the hospital and stopped at the switchboard to talk to this particular lady that was at the Bible study and had prayed for this couple, and to give thanks to all the ladies that prayed for his wife. The man and wife told this lady that our Lord Jesus had healed his wife completely of the lung cancer. This lady, 92 years of age, was completely cancer free.

WOW!!!! Thank You Jesus!!!! God is so amazing!!! God cares about you no matter what age you are. There is power in prayer with great faith!

Matthew 18:20
“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”
James 1:6
“But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.”
Hebrews 11:6
“And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.”
2 Peter 1:3
“His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence.”


Richard. Vincent. Rose.: Personal Thoughts on Pastor Appreciation

Pastors: We have so many reasons to bless them, and do all we can to help them:

Their dedication, their support, their devotion, their love, their sacrifice, and their leadership.

I use the word “their” because they never act alone, yet they are alone so much. They feel alone, because they are human. I know … isn’t it amazing that we actually feel strange admitting that Pastors are human? After all, we expect them to be super-human. And, in many ways, they are: They are super, and they are human. Let’s face it: We feel that way because we expect them-yes, expect Pastors to do things that we either couldn’t do, wouldn’t do, or don’t think we can do. Or, to put it more bluntly, things we are afraid to do. We forget that they are called to do exactly the same thing we are: To do all we can for the Lord. Are we? Do we? We expect them to. One of the Pastors I most admire told me, “People don’t understand, and would not believe, just how discouraged Pastors get.” We must take every opportunity to express our dedication, our support, our devotion, our love, for their sacrifice and leadership.

I heard this from a Pastor, at a memorial service, in his effort to comfort those who were mourning: “Jesus understands how you feel. He knows what it’s like to be sad, to mourn, to hurt, to be hungry, to be cold, to be alone.” By understanding how Jesus felt, we can understand how Pastors feel.

It’s interesting that we could add the word “to” to each phrase: Their dedication to God, their support to God, their devotion to God, their love to God, their sacrifice to God, their leadership to the church on His behalf. And, what they do for Jesus and His Gospel, they do for us: Their dedication to us, their support to us, their devotion to us, their love to us, their sacrifice to us, and their leadership to us.

We could also add the word “of” to each phrase: Their dedication of, their support of, their devotion of, their love of, their sacrifice of, and their leadership of. They are a living example of Jesus, doing all these things for us, just as Jesus did all for us, on our behalf.

It is always “their” because the Pastor is always the under-shepherd, Jesus’ representative as Shepherd. We are His sheep, His Flock. Jesus commanded Peter to “Feed my sheep,” not “your sheep.” The Pastor never, ever forgets just whose sheep he is watching.

My prayer is that, as we remember their calling as Pastor, we also remember our calling. Only then, can we truly understand what the Pastor goes through each day … not just on our behalf … but on His behalf.

I must close by adding this, because I have to: People are always asking me, asking each other … asking everyone except the Pastor … “What is the most important thing I can do for my Pastor?” I know, they mean well, and usually, yes, their heart is in the right place. I am always asked for my answer to this question. First, I believe the most important thing you can do for a Pastor is to be faithful to pray for them. Pray for your Pastor, your Pastor’s family, and your Pastor’s ministry. Because, trust me, all three are constantly under attack. Allow me to repeat that: Pray for your Pastor, your Pastor’s family, and your Pastor’s ministry. Because, all three are constantly under attack. Did I mention that all three are constantly under attack? They are, so please pray for all three.

Next, the most important thing you can do for your Pastor is be faithful to their calling, and faithful to their ministry. This means go to services, and help your Pastor-yes volunteer in any way you can. Be faithful in attending your church services. Money, gifts? No, the best way to support your Pastor, in a physical sense, is to be faithful to attend services. And, yes, this means special services.
Do all you can to show that you are “with” your Pastor in every way; that you are on the same page as your Pastor. Show that you believe in what your Pastor is trying to say, and trying to do. Be faithful.

There is one common thread that runs throughout: The word, “faithful.”
The first sentence of my answer began with the phrase, “The most important thing you can do for your Pastor is to be faithful …”
This is absolutely true, and every Pastor would agree. The most important thing you can do for your Pastor is to be faithful. Faithful to Jesus … faithful to your calling … faithful to do exactly the same thing which you admire the most about your Pastor: To do all we are called to do for the Lord. To be Jesus to those whom we meet. To be like Jesus in every area in our lives. To be completely devoted to Jesus, to express Jesus in our hearts, our minds, and our actions.
To fulfill the words to the poem, “When I look at you, it’s Jesus that I see.”

I believe that every Pastor would agree that what they want from us the most is what Jesus wants from us the most. Our lives, in service to Him. Which is just what we envision the Pastor to be. I have news for you: This is just what our Pastor envisions us to be.

Yes, it is a popular phrase, “What would Jesus do?” I believe every Pastor would agree that the important question is, “What would Jesus want me to do?”

Let’s do all we can to bless our Pastor, our Pastor’s family, and our Pastor’s ministry.
The greatest gift God gives the local church is their Pastor.
Let’s not wait until a special day, or week, or month. Let’s bless our Pastor and our Pastor’s family, in every way we can, as often as we can.

Blessings to you, your family, and your Pastor,
Richard. Vincent. Rose.

P.S. Please … Let’s not forget about the Pastor’s wife, and their family … or the Assistant Pastor and his wife, and their family!

Pastor Appreciation Gifts


New From Pastor Appreciation Gifts and Richard. Vincent. Rose.: “In Praise of Pastor’s Wife”

It is finally here! For the first time, put into writing, there is a definitive work to explain all of the reasons why your Pastor’s wife means so much to you, your faith, and to your church. Her personal leadership, defined by unselfish service, example, and life, are models of kindness, love, and dedication:

To Jesus, her husband, and to you.

Written by Richard. Vincent. Rose., in praise of, and in honor of, all Pastors wives, we believe this to be the very best way to show her … to tell her … just what she means to you, and why.

Also notice the poem is written in the form of a chalice, to represent the “pouring out” of one’s life in service to others.

Here is a look at “In Praise of Pastor’s Wife,” only available from Pastor Appreciation Gifts.
In our next post, we’ll hear directly from the author, with the story behind the poem …
In Praise of Pastor's Wife

In Praise of Pastor’s Wife
 It seems every day, you’ve had to wear a different hat
And the last thing you’d want is a pat on the back
You’ve stood so tall, with Jesus and our Pastor both at your side
You have fulfilled every role, as friend, wife, mother, and bride
You and your husband are the models of one accord
And that’s just one of many reasons you are so loved and adored
Serving us as unto the Lord
You have given us more than we could ever deserve
You have been the most cherished role model of all
By showing us how best to answer God’s call
You have personally been there in good times, great times, and bad
You have been the mother many have wished for, or never had
You made a decision a long time ago
A decision to allow others around you to grow
The kindness and love you have shown
Is the best living example of the Word we have ever known
You have given your life to be a Pastor’s wife
The Pastor’s wife you chose to be
The image of the Bride of Christ
You’ll always be to me
What you mean to this church, and to each and every life
We are so thankful that you chose Jesus, and to be our Pastor’s wife
You just want to be a blessing, and, that you have been
If the Pastor, or us, had to choose, we’d both choose you again
Richard. Vincent. Rose.



Special Video Testimony: The Power and Opportunity of Resources

Here is a powerful, compelling video testimony produced by “The JESUS Film Project.”
Here is Cheeia, telling her story, of how she accepted Jesus as her Savior, and the way this decision has changed her life, and the lives of many others. It reminds us again how important that just being friendly to others can be … how important it is to read your Bible every day … and to share the gospel message with others … to not be afraid to share what you have with your family … at her family reunion, 37 family members accepted Christ … and, so far, over 60 members of her family have become Christians …

This also makes me realize how powerful-and important-the resources we have now, which we didn’t have even 20 years ago, can be in sharing the gospel, and reaching the world. And, it is the world which we can reach, with all these resources … available in so many different languages …

I remember how important it was to us, when, years ago, a missionary or guest speaker would visit our church, and how thrilled we were that the Bible was “now available” in so many different languages! How important that was! And, how about those radio broadcasts being “beamed” into those countries … Now … it’s not just printed media that is available … but CD, DVD, MP3 downloads, apps for your hand-held device … all capable of bringing the gospel message into lands and peoples not even accessible to missionaries!

That should be thrilling, but for some reason … the thought of a movie telling the gospel message … well, it seems we don’t feel exactly the same way about that sometimes … but, how powerful the message is … “portrayed” and explained in the listeners’ own language … I think that’s a great idea, and there is always a “live” Christian speaker when these films are shown to an audience. I think about how I’ve let a friend or someone at work borrow a “gospel” video, and I’ve seen how the message of the video or DVD has affected them … even without me being there to “hammer home” the message … I think the gospel message is powerful enough to get the point across in any medium … after all, it’s not our power that “hits” them, is it?  

Enjoy this remarkable story from a young college student, who realized the power-and opportunities she received … when she received Christ …

Here’s the link to The Jesus Film Project