New From Pastor Appreciation Gifts and Richard. Vincent. Rose.: “In Praise of Pastor’s Wife”

It is finally here! For the first time, put into writing, there is a definitive work to explain all of the reasons why your Pastor’s wife means so much to you, your faith, and to your church. Her personal leadership, defined by unselfish service, example, and life, are models of kindness, love, and dedication:

To Jesus, her husband, and to you.

Written by Richard. Vincent. Rose., in praise of, and in honor of, all Pastors wives, we believe this to be the very best way to show her … to tell her … just what she means to you, and why.

Also notice the poem is written in the form of a chalice, to represent the “pouring out” of one’s life in service to others.

Here is a look at “In Praise of Pastor’s Wife,” only available from Pastor Appreciation Gifts.
In our next post, we’ll hear directly from the author, with the story behind the poem …
In Praise of Pastor's Wife

In Praise of Pastor’s Wife
 It seems every day, you’ve had to wear a different hat
And the last thing you’d want is a pat on the back
You’ve stood so tall, with Jesus and our Pastor both at your side
You have fulfilled every role, as friend, wife, mother, and bride
You and your husband are the models of one accord
And that’s just one of many reasons you are so loved and adored
Serving us as unto the Lord
You have given us more than we could ever deserve
You have been the most cherished role model of all
By showing us how best to answer God’s call
You have personally been there in good times, great times, and bad
You have been the mother many have wished for, or never had
You made a decision a long time ago
A decision to allow others around you to grow
The kindness and love you have shown
Is the best living example of the Word we have ever known
You have given your life to be a Pastor’s wife
The Pastor’s wife you chose to be
The image of the Bride of Christ
You’ll always be to me
What you mean to this church, and to each and every life
We are so thankful that you chose Jesus, and to be our Pastor’s wife
You just want to be a blessing, and, that you have been
If the Pastor, or us, had to choose, we’d both choose you again
Richard. Vincent. Rose.




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