Special Video: Josh Groban “O Holy Night” W/Scenes From “The Nativity”

This is Josh Groban singing “O Holy Night” with scenes from the movie, “The Nativity” …
Of all I have felt and seen this season … this one brought me to my knees …

Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!



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3 thoughts on “Special Video: Josh Groban “O Holy Night” W/Scenes From “The Nativity”

  1. Well said.
    Even to the very end, Mary was faithful to what she knew God’s will to be. I have often wondered when, exactly, did Mary know/realize what would eventually happen to her son … She would have known of the prophecies concerning the Messiah … I love Mark Lowery’s song, “Mary, Did You Know?,” but, we’ll never know just how difficult all this must have been for her … Scripture mentions that Mary “pondered in her heart” what must have been many things, and I am sure this was one … I can’t imagine Mary not talking to her son, and her husband about this … and, just as Jesus prayed to “let this cup pass,” I have no doubt that Mary prayed-and pleaded-for the same thing … if there was any other way … any other way … but, she, at some point, must have realized that this had to be … However, knowing that, and staying within/accepting God’s will was the most important thing for her … her acceptance of this, regardless of how heart-wrenching it had to have been, was something God knew in advance … and, think about it: For these and other reasons, it confirmed that Mary was the right one … blessed among all women … It amazes me how God always chooses the right person for the task … I think it’s fair to say that there was no women who ever lived who could have done what Mary did, and that’s way she was chosen … Plus … let’s not forget about what kind of man Joseph would have had to have been, as well … God always knows what He’s doing …
    Thanks for writing,
    Blessings to you, and your family.


  2. I often think of how Mary, mother of Jesus, could stand watching what happened to her son. I know, it was God’s will, and she was to trust that he would rise again, but to witness the torture and crucifixion of her son after giving birth and raising him seems too much too ask.


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