Movie Preview and Review: “Son of God”

Today, Carol and I had the privilege to go the theater and watch the new movie “Son of God.”
We will conclude with the official Movie Trailer.

This was the first time we have gone to a theater to watch a movie since “The Nativity Story” back in 2006.
My understanding is that some of the movie came from a documentary on cable television, with many scenes added. Since we only have basic cable television with the minimal channels, we didn’t see the documentary, so this was all new to us.

I thought the acting was superb, and it was a powerful presentation. It brought me to tears, and I watched much of it through one eye, wiping tears one eye at a time. I love Jesus, and it is difficult to watch a portrayal of what He went through for me … I can’t image how painful it was … or, the emotions His disciples and true followers went through …

The first concern is always “How Biblical was it?” I think they did a great job … they combined a couple of lines here and there, but the effort was there to put the “complete picture” together in a short 2 hours, while remaining true to both the Gospel accounts and the political motivations involved. When I watch interviews with the actors/actresses, they are also trying to reach an audience who doesn’t know about Jesus … this may be their first experience or introduction to Jesus, and the Gospel. I also liked the idea that real Christians were involved in the movie, with a real mission to reach the world. Those who already know Jesus, and those who don’t.

This was a Sunday afternoon 3:30 matinee, and there were something like 15 people in “Cinema 5.” I thought … well … I know that’s not as many as were in the other movies that were showing …. but, 15 people were enough … or, it was in “Jesus’ time,” to change the world. As we waited for the movie to begin, a man came down the aisle, moving slowly, being assisted with a cane in one hand, and an assistant helping him on the other arm. He couldn’t have made it without help. I couldn’t help thinking that, even 2,000 years later, the lame and crippled are still coming to see “The Son of God.” As the movie opened, it was amazing how the first few scenes went right along with the message we had heard in church this morning, about “the Kingdom of God.” The Scriptures and the examples matched the sermon exactly.

I strongly encourage you to see the movie. The world needs to know that there is still an audience that is willing to go to the theater to watch just this type of movie. And, we’d like to see more of them. I did see the preview of “Noah,” which is coming out soon. And, I understand that the movie “Heaven Is For Real” will be coming out. I do know that God will use any means necessary to reach us. There are many who wouldn’t go to church (at the moment), but they would go to a movie. He will use any means necessary to reach us.

I am encouraging you to be seen in a movie cinema? Well … I don’t know about you, but I like the subject matter. Because … the subject matters. In fact, who you think Jesus is, is the most important question you will ever answer. I love Jesus, and I love the Bible. Any media which supports either, gets my support.
Years ago, when someone asked my Pastor what he thought about the movie “The Passion of the Christ,” here was his reply:
“I liked the book!”
His response was met with this, honest response:
“Wow! That was a great story! It would make a great book!”
This person did not know that there was a story … a whole book … written about Jesus. But, he saw the movie.

As much as I loved this movie, and was encouraged anew by it, how many sitting in theaters had never heard the story of Jesus? Underneath, I can’t help but think that maybe that’s the whole idea. I think of the few in the theater today watching this movie, portraying the life of Jesus. How He lived. How He died. And, how He rose from the dead. And, why that matters to me today. I then think of how many people I’ve personally witnessed to today.

Yes, I encourage you to watch the film. And, I hope and pray many “others” will watch it, too.
By the way, I also thought about this: How great it is, to live in a country where you can actually go to a public place … and watch a movie … about Jesus … that tells the actual truth … in fact, it’s even called “Son of God.”

Here’s the official trailer:



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