Man to Man … Oh, Man!!!

I have often written how I’d like to be … the man I’d like to be … How I want to think right, act right, and speak right … To be, in every way, more like Jesus. I know that in order to do this, I must pray more … study my Bible more … to be more-like Jesus. To see other people, and myself, the way Jesus does.

During personal speaking engagements, I try to always open with this:
“First, I’d like to say that I love Jesus.
I think we need more men who will stand up and say, ‘I love Jesus.’
I love my wife.
I think we need more men who will stand up and say, ‘I love my wife.’
I love my family.
I think we need more men who will stand up and say, ‘I love my family.’”

I have not been the best “relative” a family could have. I don’t write letters often, and, even less, use the telephone to call. I spend so much of my time writing for “others,” that I fail to put pen to paper, to write to those which mean the most to me. Which also means that I don’t get many “return” letters. I get emails and letters from my readers, which I try to always, immediately “jump on,” which takes a lot of precious time. So, those to whom I should write to, on a regular basis, don’t get a letter, or phone call, as often as I’d like. I stand convicted.

However, this does not take away from how meaningful any letter or telephone call I get from relatives means to me. I am a rare sort, I guess. I am reclusive and private; yet, there is nothing I enjoy more that being with people. I won’t talk much to a stranger (someone I don’t know), but, I will spend hours speaking in front of a crowd of people whom I don’t know.

Again, even though I am not good at writing letters or making those phone calls, when I receive either, it means “the world” to me. Like I really do belong.

I’d like to share with you a portion of a letter I received, several months ago (well over a year), from a favorite relative of mine. Yes, we all have favorites. This is a young man who has a beautiful wife and daughter. I won’t go into many specifics, as not to embarrass him (in a good way). I can remember when he was born, as I was “grown up” when he entered this world, so this will give you an idea of the age difference between us. I just want to share a part of a letter he wrote to me, following a visit I had made to Georgia, and had the thrill of visiting his home, and spending unforgettable time with him, and his family.

To prove how “too busy” I get, I have the beginning of this post saved as “Next Blog Post,” from January 14th, almost a full 2 months ago … The letter itself … I received … 11 months ago!!! It has been there, waiting … “for such a time as this.”

Within the words of this young man, I found the definition of what “a man” really is.
He began with words about Carol, which, if I repeated them, it would embarrass her (in a good way). He ended his praise of Carol by thanking her “for being a role model for my wife, my sister, and my child.” I add these words because that is exactly what I would say about Carol. Plus, she’s such a great role model for me.

What followed was the best definition of a “real man” I have ever read. Now, keep in mind, this is from a young man, who has everything in life … beautiful wife, child, home, etc. … What more could he need, according to the world’s standards? What more could he want? Here are his exact words:

“ … As I get older, I’m starting to realize what a real man really is. A real man puts his faith in Jesus Christ daily. He loves his family to the extent that he begins being concerned about their eternal security. A real man wants to set an example for those he cares about, a Godly example. He’s faithful to his Lord, ‘instant in season and out.’ He isn’t scared to say how he feels, who he loves, who he misses …”

I had just never read a better definition of “what a real man is.”
Wow! Yet again, I stand convicted, the elder, learning from the child.
Yes, a child … a child of God!
A real man, with real feelings, with a real hope in a living, breathing Savior!

If I could write like that … I’d write like that!!!

Just this simple letter … in simple words … carries the weight of all eternity, and the hope for every man, woman, and child. I think, “Am I living up to his words?” It’s enough to make someone cry, “Uncle!” Yes, enough to see the wisdom of putting our faith-daily, I believe he wrote- in Jesus Christ. To love his family enough to care about where they spend eternity. And, to be an example.

I can’t help but think of a promo like, … “If you only read one letter this year …”

This letter, I have read. Again, and again. And, that’s just today.

Real men love Jesus.
Real men love their wife.
Real men love their family.

Man, oh Man!!!

Richard. Vincent. Rose.



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3 thoughts on “Man to Man … Oh, Man!!!

  1. Being a father is the single most important job a man can have. He will set the example for his children of what a fathers love looks like. He is Gods love reflected here and how he loves will influence how his children love. They will first learn the example of the heavenly father by their earthly father.

    I so love my father for being this example always to me. I hope the fathers in your readership take this one to heart. LOVE your God, wives and children. Your children will learn so much from your example. More than you may ever know.


  2. Now this post hits home! So much to say about it, I don’t know where to begin…maybe I’ll think more…about myself.


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