Half-Way in Threes: Jackie, The Anthem, and Football

Today is May 8 … and, maybe I’m delirious because, just last week, the rest of the snow melted here … we’ve had at least one day where the temperature is in the 60’s … and, today, the skies were clear from morning ‘till night … I think Spring has arrived … I think that Summer will come … I think of Fall … (NOTE THAT I NEVER, EVER “THINK” OF WINTER) … I think of football … Football?
Yes, I think of football. I think that it’s ok to think about, to even like sports. Even … football.

No, I’m not as big a fan as I was when I was younger, but, I still like football. I know when it is going to start, and I know when it’s going to end. I don’t watch much television, ever, but I do enjoy football. A lot. I have a tough schedule, and, since I know when a football game is going to start and when it’s going to end, I can plan a football game into my schedule. Yes, I still love the game of baseball, but I can actually plan a schedule around a football schedule. I know when the game is going to start and end. Even the playoffs: I know exactly when each game will start, and when it should end. One and done.

When I listen to a baseball game on the radio, I turn the radio on as I start the truck and pull out of the driveway … I get to town (2 Miles Later) … the same batter is up, taking time to adjust “everything” between pitches … I arrive at my destination … in town … 10 minutes later … the same guy is at bat … taking time to adjust “everything” between pitches … Between pitches, I still wonder … How can a guy, who has played baseball since he was a kid, be able to hit, but not play first base … ? Or, how can a guy, who has played baseball since he was a kid, not be able to play in the field?

Anyway … I try not to even think about guys like Dizzy Dean, who pitched both games of a double-header … as the announcers, since the second inning, have worried about the pitch count …

Anyway … I look at the calendar, and today is May 8.
Well, it’s been 3 months-exactly-since the Super Bowl.
In 3 months, it will be football season … at least, pre-season games.
3 months later, it will be Thanksgiving …
3 months later, it will be Super Bowl …
Each game that is played … we’ll know when it will start … and when it will end. Regardless of the weather.

I have written much of the National Anthem. How often, outside of sporting events, do we hear it?

I’d like to share with you the following video … the incredible Jackie Evancho, singing the National Anthem, in Detroit, on Thanksgiving Day, 2013. By the way, Jackie just celebrated a birthday a couple of weeks ago …

We are now half-way, between half-way, of the next Super Bowl … 3 months until the start of the season … then, 3 months until Thanksgiving … then, 3 months until the end of the season …



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