Haggai: Two Chapters, Three Words, Major Message: Part Six

Now, we continue our thoughts on vision, in particular when God gives us a vision of a work He has called us to do, and allows us to see the end result along the way.

I think of people like Abraham, Joseph, and Paul. God showed them how things would turn out-the end result-before the great work began. We must always remember, that often, a large part of a “great work” which God calls us to do, will be a “great work” of faith. Especially at the very beginning. In fact, often, it takes a great work of faith on our part to even get to the beginning, just to “get started.” The old proverb is true: A great journey always begins the same way. With the first step. It could also be said that the largest obstacle we will face at the beginning is our lack of faith; our unbelief. And, once this obstacle is removed, we are, then, at that very moment, “on our way.” It can’t be stated too strongly that one of the reasons that God will allow us to see a glimpse of the end … is to help us with the beginning … to get us “jump-started.”

As with the case of so many like Abraham, Joseph, and Paul, knowing that God would never leave them, that He would see them through until the glorious end, gave them the encouragement and motivation they would need to persevere until the end. Doesn’t it encourage us, motivate us not to quit, when we know how things will turn out? If we will just “hang in there,” not give up, and continue to be faithful to the work?

The greatest example of all is still, and will always be, Jesus. Period. I just like to write that. Jesus, who suffered more pain and anguish than any man who ever lived, also knew how things would turn out, that there would be a “glorious end” to His pain, humiliation, and suffering. This is another reason why Jesus will not leave our side during the hardest, most difficult of times. He really does know what we’re going through, and He will stay with us, encouraging us, motivating us, until “the glorious end.” This is a fact. There is no greater example, nor will ever be, than Jesus, when it comes to “not my will, but your will be done.”

So … hang in there … next time, we look at the importance of “who you hang with,” as we look at the valuable, life-changing message beginning with Haggai 2:11.




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2 thoughts on “Haggai: Two Chapters, Three Words, Major Message: Part Six

  1. Hi:
    I can feel the pain and suffering laced throughout your words.
    There are times when, because of the extreme pain we are experiencing, we are unable to see even until tomorrow. There is no doubt that tears of sorrow have the ability to cloud our vision, as much spiritually as physically. Your situation: I’ve been there. And, it hurts. Deeply.
    I must write that the most important relationship in your life, above all others, is your relationship with God, through Jesus. If this isn’t right, nothing else will be right. However … as you know … even though your relationship with God may be “right,” there are others whose relationship isn’t … And, man! Have I ever been there!
    My words to comfort you sound as “pat” as they indeed are, for they are the truth:
    There is only One who can see the future. Trust Him.
    There is only One who can bring hope … regardless of the circumstances. Trust Him.

    I just thought of an acronym for “pat:”
    The time

    That’s the “pat answer.”
    I would encourage you to get yourself alone, totally alone, away from any distraction, and speak to God. Anywhere you can do this becomes a “prayer closet.” None of us have all of the answers, and that’s ok. The important thing is that we know the One who does. That will always be the most important thing. If you ask, and keep asking, He promises to hear. And, answer. Don’t be afraid to remember the story-which Jesus told for an example-of the lady and the judge. The lady kept asking … and, made it clear that she was going to keep asking … keep coming back … until she got her answer. The judge, to paraphrase, said something like, “Man! This lady is going to wear me out! She’s not going to stop coming back! Let me give her what she wants!”
    And, he did.

    I know you have read the “Modern Day Psalms” book, and the first thing I did was to go to “It Took a Judas” and “Not Since Judas.” I wanted to see what I had written there, to perhaps glean some wisdom for you.
    But, God gave me this.

    I pray that this helps.
    I know that every time I have faced hardship in my life, each and every time, God wanted to use that situation to draw me closer to Him.

    And, prayers,


  2. …so what does one do with tears and the inability to see the end? …a bone chilling lonely feeling, a sense of disconnect…when one turns to those who are close, but are ignored? how long should one hope?


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