Apollo 8: Onboard 45 Years Later For “Earthrise”

Of all the posts we’ve been blessed to show you over the past months, one of our favorites, and still one of our most read, was the one entitled, “Apollo 8 Astronauts Read Creation From Genesis: Christmas Eve, 1968.” Astronauts Jim Lovell, Bill Anders, and Frank Gorman had just become the first men to orbit the moon, and they were the men, in a group effort, who would take the most famous photograph in history, entitled “Earthrise.”
Earth From Space-Apollo 8I’ll share the link back to that story, in which I offer my own personal reflections of seeing and hearing these historic events unfold, including how much the world had changed in those 44 years, evidenced by the “In the beginning God …” postage stamp (still my favorite all-time U.S. stamp).
Apollo 8 StampIt was a tremendous thrill for me to share the transcript of the reading from Genesis, chapter 1, in which all 3 of the astronauts took turns reading from the Bible … and, then, we had a link to the actual broadcast of the reading from space … including the video, supplied by NASA.
For those of you who may have missed it, or would like to re-live those moments from Christmas Eve, 1968, here is the link to that post: Just click on the photograph to go directly there (it will open in a new window, in order for you to stay here, and enjoy the new video we have for you): Just click the photo to go to that story:

“For all the people on Earth the crew of Apollo 8 has a message we would like to send you”.

And now, to celebrate the 45th anniversary (yes, 45 years) of the “Earthrise” photo, we will be able to go on board the Apollo 8 spacecraft, and experience how that famous photograph came to be … how the photograph was a group effort, requiring the astronauts to scramble to “grab that color film!” and how it took a tremendous series of events to “get the shot.”
Narrated by Andres Chalkin, the author of “A Man on the Moon,” enjoy this incredible video, and story, behind the most famous photograph ever taken:



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