Video For Teachers, Parents, and Students: Dalton Sherman-“Believe in Me”

Even though this video was made back in 2008, I just saw this video this morning, as it was sent to me recently, with the title of “Motivation.”.
For our friends who are teachers, parents, or students … this is the “real deal.”

When I played this, I saw the brief introduction of the speaker, and I waited for him to arrive on stage … Of course, I had a pre-conceived notion of what the speaker would look like, how he would dress, etc. … What I saw, on stage, was, well … jaw-dropping … then, I heard the speaker … my jaw never recovered from its dropped state … as I heard, in, admittedly, disbelief, the words which came from the speaker’s mouth … I must also admit that I could not tear myself away from the presentation …
Hey-I just noticed that the word “tear” and “tear” are spelled the same … I guess I always knew this, but it strikes me now that they are spelled exactly the same …
As I could not “tear” myself away from the speaker, the other meaning of “tear” would make its way to me, as I sat and listened at my desk, amazed at what I was hearing … and, from whom I was hearing it from.
(Note to fellow teachers: Did you notice the way that I recovered nicely, and used the word “whom” correctly?)

Again, I know that this was recorded, in Dallas, Texas, in 2008, but for those of you, like myself, who had never seen this, please enjoy Dalton Sherman, in front of 20,000, kicking off the school year with “Believe in Me.”



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