Holiday Video For You: “A Wish to be a Christmas Tree”

I was looking for a “new” (to me) Christmas story to share with my students at school, and I found this one, which I’d like to share with you, and your family.
I know that many of our friends love a great story, and this one qualifies. I know that many of our friends have children of their own, and are always “on the lookout” for a story that teaches morals, values, and self-worth …

The story is “A Wish to be a Christmas Tree,” and I feel that you will be touched by the message here, as well. The artwork is absolutely stunning, the entire work is done in rhyme, and its message is timeless.
I also love the fact that the book is a husband and wife collaboration, or, maybe that should be a wife and husband collaboration. The text is written by Colleen Monroe, a talented and gifted writer, and the illustrations are done by her husband, wildlife artist Michael Monroe. They live in Michigan, where they own and operate an artist’s studio.

The story reminds us all of how important each of us are … even though we may not think so. It reminds us of the impact each of us has on those around us … That we may not be a successful “this” or a successful “that,” but that in no way diminishes our importance to the world around us. How our actions, everyday, affect those around us … we may not notice the influence we have on others … but “the others” notice it … That it is not just at a certain time of year we are important to others, but the importance of being appreciated for what we do … all year long.

So, this season, be blessed, and enjoy the story, and message, of:
“A Wish to be a Christmas Tree,” by Colleen and Michael Monroe:



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