Special Video Commercial: “What Matters Most”

I never know when, or from where, I’ll gain inspiration.
Sometimes, it’s from a story I’ll just happen across, or video I find,
most always when I’m looking for something else.

Or, sometimes, a dear friend will send me a story or video, sometimes with a “Have you seen this one?” attached.

That’s the case with this one: This is a commercial from Thailand, from the Thai Life Insurance company. I hadn’t seen it, but I’ve watched it many times since.

The story, and its meaning, really touch a deep emotion within me, and I think the
same will happen to you. It’s about how we can make a difference in the lives of those we come in contact with every day … something we write about a lot …

As always, this is not an endorsement for the company … but certainly for the “emotions” which are so clearly defined and displayed here …

Enjoy the video commercial … and … “think about it!”



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