From Modern-Day Psalms: “I Dreamed About Mama Last Night”

I Dreamed About Mama Last Night

“I dreamed about Mama last night
Now I know what a saint looks like.”

This was written exactly as I remembered it.
It was less than two months after Mama had gone to be with Jesus, when I had the dream described here. It was so clear … so vivid …
The dream seemed so real. I woke up, ran to the office, and started to write down what I had seen. The dream started with all of us kids in church … and, then, a familiar voice echoed through the pews …

All she wanted for us kids was for us to serve the Lord … she was such an example …I have said it so many times, and I have heard so many people say it, and I’ll write it now:

“She was the closest thing to an angel ever placed on earth.”

I Dreamed About Mama Last Night

I dreamed about Mama last night
It’s been two months; No, wait! Not quite
It seems like so long ago
Then again, it seems just yesterday
When we saw her go

In my dream, I was in church
I was sitting in the front row
That should have been my first clue
That I was dreaming, you know

Oh, I was raised in church
Together, all six of us kids
Like stair steps in a single row
When the doors were open, we were all there
All of us listening intently
Some of us rocking to and fro

One day, we’ll all be back together in Heaven
I’m so glad about that right now
We can say thanks to Mama
She showed us the truth, the way, and how!

But, now, back to my dream
There I was, on the front row
Listening to our Pastor
Our Pastor from that time long ago

He looked as he had looked
When we were all together
There in that row
So real the pictures now seem
From a time so cherished
From a garden from which I would grow

I was listening to Pastor
Even making notes
When, behind me, from the center pew
Came a voice
A voice I loved
I voice I so well knew
I turned and I looked
And saw Mama sitting there
She was reading from Matthew
Her voice filled the church air

I know what you’re thinking
Was there something special that she wanted to share?
She was just doing what she always did
Being an example, hoping one day you’d be there

Is there a special message she wanted to impart?
Read your Bible
Stay in church
That is the start

And, I think that was the message
The message was her life
As a mother, a child of her Lord
The way she lived as a wife

Think about it
Don’t be sad
She lived the gospel
There’s just nothing to add

Stay in church
Read your Bible
Something to impart?
Begin reading about Jesus in Matthew
That’ll be a good start

I dreamed about Mama last night
Now I know what a saint looks like

I dreamed about Mama last night
Now I know how someone looks
After they’ve fought
The good fight

I dreamed about Mama last night
She wasn’t just alright
She was more than alright

Let me close by just adding
That Mama would want you to have what she had
So that, one day
You’ll get
What she has right now
And, she’s right, there’s nothing more to say
Richard. Vincent. Rose.

“I Dreamed About Mama Last Night”
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