Wealth Stored for the Righteous-Part 4

We continue the series meant to encourage you to hang in there, to keep the faith … during those times when “others” are getting blessed … and, it seems you are not …

I hope that a common thread, woven throughout, is that we should, first and foremost, be thankful for what we already have. To realize what we, right now, have, because of our relationship with God through Jesus. And, it goes much deeper than the fact that if we are living in the United States (or any country considered to be “prosperous”), we are already better off than a large percentage of people around the world.

We must say again, confirmed through the headlines we see every day, that money can’t buy happiness, it can’t buy joy, it can’t buy peace, it can’t buy contentment, it can’t buy trust, it can’t, on its own, give us a purpose for our lives, and the list goes on and on. We have been taught that money means success. That having money or wealth means we are “prosperous.” I think true success doesn’t have anything to do with money … we must possess the qualities which make us “successful” or “prosperous” before we ever realize the financial end of the picture. It is the qualities we possess beforehand which will ensure our “success” once the “money” begins to arrive. Otherwise … the old, old saying proves why it is an old saying: “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

Somewhere in here we should mention the Scriptural principle about God giving us a little … to see how we handle it … before He gives us a lot …

Allow me to share this true story:
A few years ago, I had applied for a particular job/position which would have meant a significant change in many areas … all of them “good” … It was an important position, and required additional college courses, specific state certification, “the works.” I had done all of the work, made all of the personal sacrifices to become qualified for the position … but, it was a job/position I had never held before … The position was such that there were many individuals who, on the surface, mainly relating to experience, were far more qualified than I. And, as a result, were certainly in a much better position to apply for such a job. Which, they had done.
What chance did I have?

The fact that I had applied for this position was “common knowledge,” so I would be asked about “how it was going” along the way. Please understand that it is how you handle your attitude/inner emotions during this “waiting period” (there’s that phrase again) that will feed your faith-or your discouragement … Remember that “It is what you do, while you are waiting, which will determine the results of your waiting.” Also please note this: Everyone you work with, everyone who knows you … and, yes, everyone who “knows about you” … even if it’s something they’ve only “heard” … will, at the least, at least feel confident that they know about your attitude … your attitude about yourself … and, most importantly, your attitude toward others … how you handle yourself, and others … day-by-day …

So, anyway, I was approached by someone I worked with, who had been with this particular company/entity for several years, and I had gotten to know her pretty well. So, she felt comfortable with asking me about “how it’s going” as far as the “new job” journey was going. By the way, any promotion is a journey … sometimes a long journey … there’s that “how I act while I’m waiting” again … It seemed clear to me that she was asking just to “feel me out,” and that she didn’t really think that I had a chance to get the job … I’m not being negative, but boy was she trying to get me to be negative right then! Let’s bring in again the fact of how important a personal relationship with Jesus is, that you know Him, and He knows you. That your whole day, from beginning to end, should be a constant “conversation of sorts” with Him, as you go along from event to event. That way, you’re always talking with Him, so it’s no big deal when you just mutter the word “Help!” in the middle of something. I know He’s always there … but .., it seems so much better when I don’t leave Him …

So, back to the story: This person was really asking me what I thought qualified me for the position, in light of so many other people who had applied. Here’s what God gave me to say:
“Abraham Lincoln is considered, by many, to be the greatest President who ever lived. But, when Abraham Lincoln became President of the United States, he had never been President before. It was the qualities he had, the qualities he already possessed before he became President, which enabled him to be a great President.”
It just came out … and, the fact that I was speaking to a history teacher never entered into my mind …

That’s the point: The qualities you already possess qualify you for the job, and ensure that you’ll be able to do the job. I hope this helps. I know so many people who are “out looking” right now, and I felt led to share this story. It is what you already have, as a child of God, which should pave the way for your future. Time? Of course, God will provide you with ample “training opportunities” for the job He wants you to have for the future. Remember, what you are going through right now is a training ground for where He wants you to “end up.” So, don’t get discouraged! Remember, yes, “It is what you do, while you are waiting, which will determine the results of your waiting.”

Read the story of Joseph, from Genesis.
Read the story of Joseph, from Genesis.
Read the story of Joseph, from Genesis.


Outside of the story of Jesus, and I love the story of Paul, my favorite story in all the Bible is the story of Joseph, and it is the one story that has meant the most, personally, to me. A constant theme of my writing is that “The thing I thought was the worst thing to ever happen to me turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.”

So much of that has to do with what you do “while you are waiting.”

Please read the story of Joseph from Genesis. Here’s just a couple of verses that go with this lesson. That people are always looking. Always noticing what you do. What you say. Whether they are a believer or not … they will know if you are … or, if you are not. If God is with you, they will know. This includes times of great gladness or great sorrow … they will know.
Here’s a glimpse from Genesis 39:2-3:
“And the Lord was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous (successful) man … And his master saw that the Lord was with him, and that the Lord made all that he did to prosper in his hand” (Genesis 39:2-3).

By the way, “his master” means that Joseph’s boss, his employer, also knew that God was with Joseph. Oh No!!!! Oh No!!! Oh No!!! Does this mean that I have to tell my boss that I’m a Christian? Let me put it this way: If you are, or if you’re not … your boss will already know. And, so will those you come in contact with every day. Especially those people you work with. And, especially those people you work the most closely with.

By the way … Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his brothers, was in prison when this was written, after being wrongly accused of a crime by his bosses’ wife …

Please read the story of Joseph, from Genesis.

Richard. Vincent. Rose.



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