Video: June-Weddings, Weeping, Brides, Brothers, and Butterflies

Hi Friends:

I wanted to do something special for this month of June, thinking I could somehow tie in weddings and Father’s day. Maybe I could also offer encouragement to those dear friends whose Fathers are no longer with us, while at the same time add how thankful we should be for those of us who still have a Father in our lives.
Much like the celebration of Mother’s Day: How difficult it is, on this and so many other days, after our own Mother has gone on to be with Jesus, while at the same time being so grateful, so thankful, if our Mother is still with us.

Perhaps there is no better song to honor Fathers, while at the same time celebrating weddings, than Bob Carlisle’s classic “Butterfly Kisses.”

Then, I thought about all of those brides who have lost their Fathers, and how bittersweet the wedding day must be. The one moment both the Father and daughter have been waiting for, looking forward to, for so long: The Father walking her down the aisle, and then … the moment so many brides cherish the most … that dance with her Father …

Then, I happened upon this video: Just before the wedding day, the bride’s Father had passed away … Her brother gives her an amazing gift for the wedding. We share this with the same thought we have, each time we share a video or someone else’s story: If it will touch me, it will touch others. When I cried the second time I watched it, I knew I must share it. On our website, we use the words “heart, power, and emotion” as a common description. There’s no 3 better words to describe the video.

Plus, my Christian brothers and sisters, on this 19th day of June, 2015 … we all just need a “good cry”



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One thought on “Video: June-Weddings, Weeping, Brides, Brothers, and Butterflies

  1. Nothing like the bond between a father and daughter. Thanks for sharing, a good cry ensued. What a thoughtful brother. This is a good reminder to cherish those who are here right now, everything could change in the blink of an eye.


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