From “Modern Day PSALMS”: The Eagle Still Flies

The Eagle Still Flies

The fabric of America is woven with the threads of time and patriotism. The fabric can be torn, or burned. But, the pattern that this cloth is made from is courage.”
Originally written on the back of a Wal-Mart Receipt

To fully appreciate the poem, we must go back to the days and months immediately following the events of September 11, 2001. “The Eagle Still Flies” captures the mindset of what Americans, and our friends all over the word, had at that exact moment in time.

Today, I teach students who weren’t even born in 2001. Just as we did in school, as we learned about Pearl Harbor and World War II, events which happened before we were born. What stood out then, and now, is the patriotism which these tragic events would birth across the United States, and the world. As a fan of “Old Time Radio,” I have radio programs from that era which, frankly, would not even be allowed to be broadcast on the airwaves today.

America was attacked. By an enemy who wished to destroy us, and especially, our way of life.
What the enemy did not realize, just as in World War II, was that what was called “a sleeping giant” in the 1940’s, may have been sleeping, but it was still very much alive.

As I write this, we are still at war. Daniel Webster said that “God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.” It simply can’t be overstated that freedom is not free, nor ever has been. One of my favorite quotes regarding military service is this: “If you don’t stand behind our troops, you are welcome to stand in front of them.”

Years ago, I had the distinct privilege of being elected to be the first vice-president of a regional writers club. The members consisted of individuals who had lived in all parts of the world. At least one of the members did not have a particularly positive view of the United States. After I had shared what was then a newly written “The Eagle Still Flies,” he offered a rebuttal of sorts, and called me a “Patriot.” His tone carried the same negative tone of what it must have sounded like when people began to call the early Disciples of Christ a “Christian.” Well, I am today, as I was that day, proud to carry the banner of “Patriot,” and be associated with others who have carried that same banner. Just as I am proud to carry the banner of Christ, and be associated with those who have, and still, carry His banner.

Original Spoken Introduction to “The Eagle Still Flies”

I’d like to share with you the original introduction, which I would dramatically read before the poem. Keep in mind that this was first presented while the memories of the terrorist attacks on our country were still fresh in our minds. This is the original copy transcript:

2 Corinthians 3:17 says that where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
When I see the word, “liberty” or “freedom” I see Jesus’ name written all over it.
Thomas Paine said, in 1776, that “The cause of America is, in a great measure, the cause of all mankind.”

On September 11, 2001, evil called …
Interesting … 911 …
And, an entire nation answered.

We went from a nation known for rock ‘n roll
To take pride in Plymouth Rock, and “Let’s roll!”

We went from a place know as “Ground Zero”
To a place known as “Ground Hero.”

Let the word go forth
Through time and space
The United States of America is the center of peace and strength
Tranquility base is here
The eagle has landed
And the eagle still flies
Under star spangled skies

And, now …
A new patriotic poem for America …
“The Eagle Still Flies (Under Star Spangled Skies) …”

The Eagle Still Flies
A New Anthem for America

The sun came up this morning
Over a land still brave and free
Its borders still strong and standing
Against all tyranny

It seems just yesterday, I remember so well
As the morning dew slept on the towers that fell
The skies were so clear, the sunlight so bright
But evil’s conscience couldn’t sleep
And was awake through the night

Everyone can recall when they first heard the news
No one was sure how much more we would lose
Then, through the ashes, the smoke, and the flame
We realized this country would never be the same

The towers left standing
Are the towers within
The twin towers of liberty and freedom, my friend
Perched on top of these towers, the eagle will rise
To bring peace and justice to the world’s crying eyes

And the eagle still flies
Under star-spangled skies
And we still trust in God
But we won’t spare the rod
And we still say the pledge
Faith and courage
Give us the edge
And the eagle will soar
‘Cause we’re free evermore
From the hills to the shore
Yes! We’re free evermore

The eagle still flies under star-spangled skies
And our hope never dies
‘Cause the eagle still flies
Nations will rise
Buildings will fall
But there’s still one nation standing
That will answer the call
And we won’t run and hide
In our flag we still take pride
‘Cause freedom will win
Liberty we’ll defend

Through the smoke, through the fire
The wings of justice fly higher
Over canyon and tundra and treetops and sand
The fires of freedom’s victory have been fanned

From the streets on our soil
To lands across the sea
On freedom’s wings we will ride
For the whole world to see
The strength, the power, of liberty

And the eagle still flies
Under star spangled skies
And we still trust in God
But we won’t spare the rod
And we still say the pledge
Faith and courage give us the edge

And the eagle will soar
‘Cause we’re free evermore
From the hills to the shore
Yes! We’re free evermore

The eagle still flies
Under star spangled skies
And our hope never dies
‘Cause the eagle still flies
Richard. Vincent. Rose.

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