Gospel Choir Stuns on “Britain’s Got Talent”

God will use any means necessary to reach us.
To let us know He loves us, wants us, and, yes, that’s He’s not forgotten about us.
I think, sometimes, just to let us know that yes, He’s still there.
And, He won’t run out of ways to try to reach us.
Sometimes, it something we “just happen” to hear or see.
A bumper sticker, even. A poster as we walk by. Within the lines of a movie, even.
Or, a television show.

If God did not, sometimes, “just put something” in front of us to see or hear … when would so many, around the world, hear from Him? Those who don’t, say, attend church, aren’t exposed to anything close to a Christian lifestyle at home, and don’t have Christian friends.

I know … I know … we are supposed to be the influence … to be an example to them in our daily lives, but I think God tries not to miss an opportunity to “jump in there” as well.
Plus, and I say this from experience, like just today, a tough day in dealing with people, it is us who need a boost! After a tough, tough day like today … I needed the “boost” this clip from the TV show gave me.

This is from the British Television program “Britain’s Got Talent,” and it will include the banter between panel and guest performer … who just happens to be a Pastor … before both panel and audience are stunned when they find out the Pastor is, truly, “not alone.”

Enjoy! I sure needed this today!




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