Special Video: The Greatest “News” … Every Day-The Video

Recently, we wrote a special introduction to this video, which included these thoughts:

“As Christians, we really celebrate “Christmas” and “Easter” every day. Think about it. We have reason … good reason … to celebrate what makes these two “holidays” important … every day … Because it is every day of our lives that we reap the benefits of what these two days represent … I think of a song by Anne Murray I used to play, in which the chorus, main idea, and, I think, the title of that song was something like:

“We sure could use
A little good news

I wrote of an audience, years ago … an audience … hungry … yearning … for “good news” …

That was the first time that, just the intro, took a separate post.

Here’s a direct link to that blog post:

Special Video: The Greatest “News” … Every Day-The Intro

I remembered the words to that Anne Murray song, as I share this video with you.
I think of two stanzas I could include.
We sure do have
Good News
To use

The other stanza would go like this:
We sure should use
Our Good News

Either way, it speaks to “The Good News” that already exists … within us.
The Greatest News
We can still use

Here’s the video:


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