A World ‘N’ Need: It’s Us!

Here on our Blog, I don’t remember ever featuring 2 videos in a row … but, I must.

For the past few weeks, we have been writing about things “over there;” How our Christian Brothers and Sisters-“Same Family, Different Block,” have been suffering at the hands of those who oppose the Gospel of Christ … how the decision to follow Christ makes the difference between life and death …

But … what about here? In the United States? Where “religious freedom” is supposed to be one of the major reasons … if not THE major reason this country came to be in the first place?

This is a video which explains … which explains a lot … about us … as in “US.”
I thought about many titles for the intro, such as “This explains it,” or “What’s wrong?”

I realize that “Religious Freedom” means that we have the right to “not have a religion.”
I get that.

What strikes me, as I write the intro to this video, is that we’ve been writing about how “Religion” continues to shape world events.
As I thought … and thought … and thought … about this video … God revealed something astounding to me … amazing to me …

Here we are, focusing on “religion” around the world … how that “religion” is responsible for so much death and destruction, ruined lives, hopelessness … yet, in this country, it is the lack of religion in our lives … the lack of religion in our lives … which is responsible for so much death and destruction, ruined lives, hopelessness …

Think about that … and, please … think about that again.
As I thought about the situation in our country, and the situations around the world I have been writing about … the word “paradox” came to mind. Again and again.
Religion is responsible for so much despair, death, and destruction around the world.
Yet … the lack of it … is what is responsible for so much despair, death, and destruction in our own country. What a paradox!

Please keep in mind the context of this message:
There is a big difference between “religion” and a “relationship.” Through Jesus, we have a relationship. Through religion … well … we see what happens … Religion can’t save … we see that all over the world … Only Jesus can save …

I also thought about the title, “Why Democracy Works.”

Allow me to introduce Clayton Christensen.
He is a Professor.
At Harvard University.
Harvard Business School.
At Harvard.
Harvard University.

This is not a “local yokel” from down the street.
However, it is a known fact that Jesus uses “unlearned men” (from the world’s perspective) to get His message across. I think of Acts 4:13, yes: “Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marvelled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.” So, the difference is that these men were not “religious;” they had, just, “been with Jesus.”

Jesus can also use “learned” men. Agreed?

So … we introduce Clayton Christensen … I’ve got to learn more about him!!!
Something else rings clear from this message … that Jesus can “use anyone” to get His message across …

This Harvard Professor … at Harvard University … Harvard Business School … at Harvard … would learn “The reason why democracy works” from a fellow Scholar … from China …
He would learn what I, also, have learned … that “I had no idea how critical religion is to the functioning of democracy” …

Here’s the video:




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