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The Price for Freedom-Video Ten

“Ma’am … it’s about your husband … “

Our tenth video in the series will, painfully, longingly, remind us that the soldier’s thoughts are of home … those at home, are of the soldier … and, painfully, longingly, remind us that not all soldiers return home …

Yet, those at home … painfully, longingly, “never forget;” never forget the soldier …

Our tenth video in the series features this video from
Here’s a direct link to their website:

“Bless their hearts …”

Let us, now, remember, think aloud, that, “You are not forgotten.”

Let us, now, continue to remember, to “do everything we can,” to realize, that

“The price for this freedom has been high …”


The Price for Freedom-Video Nine

“I don’t regret this life I chose for me …”

Boy, do I understand the opening dialog, as the reporter asks the little girl,
“If you had a wish today, what would you wish for?”
Her answer:
“That my dad would be here.”

” … All I want is nothing more …”

Our ninth video in the series features images which will, like the rest, bring tears … but, of a different nature … tears of joy…

As the song describes the feelings of a soldier, wishing, wanting nothing more, than to be home…
“I’m going home, back to the place where I belong …”

Enjoy these video clips of soldiers surprising their loved ones with an unexpected visit home.

I’ve watched many parts of this video multiple times, and I trust that you will do the same, as we continue to think about the freedoms we enjoy, and why…

“Our sons are doing what they need to do, to protect the country.”

And, that, most importantly,
“The price for this freedom has been high …”


Ministry We Support: LOVEPACKAGES.ORG

We are proud to support the ministry and work of

Simply put, they receive, sort, warehouse, and then distribute Christian Literature to countries in need, all over the world. And, when we say Christian Literature, we mean every type of literature:

In their own words, from their website, here is their mission:
“A ministry aimed at putting Christian literature and Bibles into the hands of people around the world. Christians all across the USA – people just like you – send us Bibles, Sunday School materials, books, etc. We send them to ministries in many poor countries to distribute freely to people hungry for the Word of God. These are materials that would have sat collecting dust on shelves or been thrown away. Now it’s being used to reach souls for Christ, encourage and build up the Church, and the raising up and training of leaders to shine the light in dark places.”

How about that!

Here is a word from Steven J Schmidt, Founder & Director:
“We continue to send Christian literature to missionaries and Christian workers around the world. Statistics tell us that every piece of literature will be read by an average of 20 people. Each container has at least 1 million pieces so the potential is to reach 20 million every time we send a container.
We are thrilled that since the beginning of Love Packages in 1975, we have been able to send over 15,000 tons of literature. We have seen thousands of people saved, healed, and delivered as a result of this mission. Pastors and Sunday school teachers for the first time have materials to study and teach from.
Love Packages currently sends 20 foot ocean going containers to port cities around the world. These locations act as distribution points and have the capability to distribute these materials to thousands of churches overseas.”

One of the first question I had was this, and it was answered via their FAQ Page:
How can people overseas use English literature?
Not everyone can, but nations like Nigeria and Ghana have taught English in their schools for the past 35 years. In India, 25% of their population of 1.3 Billion people speak and read English.

Here is the basic criteria for items they will accept:
“We primarily have 2 criteria in deciding what material we accept: Something that will lead someone to faith in Christ and/or something that will disciple a believer.”

Here’s a “short-list” of items they will accept:
Bibles (new or used), Individual Gospel booklets, All tracts, dictionaries, bible dictionaries, concordances, commentaries, All Christian books, Any magazine from a Christian publisher, adult quarterlies and all teacher manuals in any amount from all publishers, children’s quarterlies if you have the teacher’s manual and full student manuals, Daily Devotionals, CD’s, DVD’s, BluRay’s (music, movies, teaching, etc.), and Puppets, Noah’s Ark, Bible games, Nativity sets, biblical puzzles (most anything that helps to present the gospel especially to children).

You can send your boxes to the address closest to you, and they request you send them 4th Class, Media Mail, through the US Postal Service:
220 Union Street
Butler, IL 62015
60-D South Mountain Drive
Decatur, AL 35603

Here’s a direct link to the Love Packages Website:

Here’s a brief history and overview from Founder, Steven J Schmidt:


The Price for Freedom-Video Eight

How high the cost of our continuing freedom is!

Our eighth video in the series features bagpipes playing Amazing Grace, with images to remind us all, that

“The price for this freedom has been high … ”

This is one of the videos I discovered while researching Memorial Day.

There are no words I can add.