The Price for Freedom-Video Fourteen-Robin Williams as The Flag-We’ll Stand

I can’t explain it … but … I “discovered” this video in my files … a video I had seen, years ago, but was unable to “save” it, or unable to transfer it in a format that I could share it …

I have often been in this folder, on my Desktop, where I save videos for future use … in fact, I was just there a couple of days ago … but, it wasn’t there …

It was there … today … as I began to work on the latest installment in “The Price for Freedom” series.

Here goes …

Our fourteenth video in this series features the amazing talent of Robin Williams, captured in a live performance on
March 22, 1982 … this was 35 years ago … 35 years ago …

All of the production credits are included in the video …

Throughout this series, I have, in this introduction, featured quotes or text from the featured video.
The subject of “The Flag” has been in the news a lot, lately … As a sports fan, I am aware of this …
I guess, even if you’re not a sports fan, you are aware of news about “The Flag.”

Funny … I really haven’t, even once, been asked about “my stand” on this situation …
I guess … people don’t have to ask … they, just, already know …

At School, we say the Pledge of Allegiance every day … the same time, every day, between 1st and 2nd period.
Today … a busy Friday … it was Homecoming Day here … so, I took advantage of the time between periods to visit
the faculty restroom. While there, I heard the announcement … to “Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.”
There, of course, is a pause, between the announcement to stand, and the Pledge …

Yes … that was me, barreling down the hall, hand over heart, racing to the Library, which was the closest
location which I knew had the American Flag … I made it! I may have broken every rule, including the law of
gravity to make it, but I made it … as I crossed the threshold of the Library, right-hand door, I could see The Flag …
The Flag, I may add, which flies above a framed display of a folded American Flag, which, folded in that “triangle,”
contains The Flag which flew on board military aircraft in Afghanistan, and was donated to the Library …

The “triangle-fold” Flag which matched the pin I wore on my left shirt collar today … a pin of The Flag, folded in a
triangle … with the words “IN HONOR” underneath The Flag … A pin I wear every day … A pin which was presented to me
at my Father’s Funeral …

Where The Flag was draped over my beloved Father’s casket …
The Flag that was presented, in that “Triangle Fold,” to my Sister, at graveside, after a 21-Gun Salute …
“on behalf of 
a grateful nation.”

I guess that’s ’nuff said …

Yeah, I’ll stand for The Pledge.
Yeah, I’ll stand for The Anthem.
Yeah, I’ll stand.
I mean … How can I not???

35 years ago, Robin Williams (here’s where I add quotes and text from the video) said, as The Flag, “I had a tough time
for a while. I been in a lot of wars. They fired missiles and muskets at me, but, you know, come the dawn’s early light,
I’m still there … But people haven’t always been respectful of me. Sometimes, it’s been tough. There’ve been some
people who have tried to spit on me, trample me, burn me … sometimes some Americans, too … ”

Mr. Williams would, then, stoop down on one knee … yes, kneel on one knee, as The Flag, and say, “That’s not my favorite
position, because, that’s half-mast …”

Again today, I was describing Carol to a co-worker, and, because it’s true, once again, it just came out:
“She is the most genuinely nice person I’ve ever known.”

However … I can’t print how she feels about those who won’t stand.
Yeah, I’ll stand.
My Father … her Father … So many in our family … like yours … have served …
Or … still serve …
Yeah, we’ll stand …

As we continue to remember, continue “to stand,” because

“The price for this freedom has been high …”

Here’s Robin Williams as “The Flag:”




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