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NFL: No Flag Loyalty-Part One

Opening statement to those who think that a simple thing like just standing during the singing/playing of our Nation Anthem has nothing to do with honoring/respecting/recognizing the dedication and sacrifice of those who serve/who have served our Country:
“Yeah, it does.”

On November 8th, 2017, I posted the last (so far) video in our series of support and honor for our Veterans and Soldiers, those who have served, and those still serving today … a series entitled “The Price for Freedom.”
Here’s a direct link to the series:
The Price For Freedom

The series had begun on June 23, 2017, and I just wanted to look back at what had changed in the short time between the first video, and, the last video. That’s all! Just take a look at events which had happened during this short time.

Please allow me to say this … Please …
Our writing, and, in particular, our online ministries, have just one goal, one mission, and, it’s simply to “Bless, inspire, and encourage.” That’s it.
So, I have battled with writing about this “Stand for the National Anthem” issue for well over 2 months.

I remember an interview I did several years ago, when I made the statement that, “I am not just a Christian. I am a Christian writer. My job is not to conform to public policy. My job is to change public policy.”
I think it’s ok to have an opinion. I also understand that, if we express our opinion, in public, we must be prepared to defend it. I think it’s ok to love Jesus. I think it’s ok to love your wife. I think it’s ok to love your family. I think it’s ok to love your Country.
So, as the writer of “The Eagle Still Flies (A New Anthem for America),” I must be prepared to write about my love for Country … and, my love for those who serve and protect it.

This … I do now.

So, as I thought about the events of the last months, the one thing that stood out, for me, was the “fuss” being generated over this “Stand for the Anthem” issue.
First … I can’t even believe this is an issue!

For this to even be an issue is, just, wrong.

For there to even be a debate about this, is, just, wrong.
Whether you like it or not … and I know that we live in this world, even though we may not be of this world … but … whether we like it or not … there are still some things, in this world, that are, just, wrong.

My Father was a Veteran.
My wife’s Father was a Veteran.
Many of you had, or have, a Father which is, or was, a Veteran.
Many of you have a spouse who has a Father which is, or was, a Veteran.
Yes … I capitalize the word “Veteran.”
Whether you like it or not.
Just another way to give honor.
And, respect.

And … I can’t make this statement strongly enough:
It is a way to honor the families of those who have served.
Whether you like it, or not, we are talking about sacrifice, which apparently, many don’t have
a single clue about.

I agree:
Unfortunately, I must agree, there are too many who “don’t have a clue” about any of those three.

But … there are many who do. Who do understand the sacrifice that, just agreeing to serve, involves. Who do understand that “The price for our freedom has been high.”

That do appreciate the sacrifice … made by others … so that we can be free.
This came at a cost.

OK, I’ll say it:
Just because you aren’t willing to sacrifice or serve or be grateful or be thankful or be aware of what your freedom costs …
I think you can finish the rest.

My Father had a US Flag draped over his casket.
My wife’s Father had a US Flag draped over his casket.
One of my best and closet friends, who died only recently, had a US Flag draped over his casket.

I’ll stand for the Anthem.

I know … deep down … and, I mean the “deepest of down” … why I stand for the Anthem …
Yes, there is a reason … deep down … I stand and honor those who serve, and have served.

If you don’t stand … I agree … There must be a reason … deep down … that you don’t.

The NFL?
No Flag Loyalty.

Simply put, to honor the Anthem is … just simply that … “wrapped up,” as my Father’s, my Father-in-Law’s, my friend’s casket was … “wrapped up” in the US Flag.

That’s ok, NFL (No Flag Loyalty), don’t show the Anthem, except on special occasions …

Before a Monday Night Football broadcast, I was prepared to stand, and enjoy, the broadcast of … as they always do … the singing of the National Anthem …
They didn’t show it.
While I can’t quote all that Carol and others I know have said about the decision to not telecast the National Anthem … I do remember this statement that Carol made, when I stood … yes, stood … dumbfounded … wondering, aloud … why they did not air the singing of our National Anthem:
“I guess they don’t want to be embarrassed.”
Embarrassed? About showing the National Anthem?
Then … I got it:
It would be an embarrassment to show players who don’t stand.

I am a fan of the NFL, even though they demonstrate
No Flag Loyalty.

I mean, I love the game.
Though, not so much … now.

I heard on the radio that the NFL (No Flag Loyalty) ratings, or business, or something like that, was down 20%. I know my interest level isn’t as high as it was … even from last year.

I will never buy another NFL (No Flag Loyalty) product again.
I know others who feel the same way.

Wait … isn’t the opportunity to honor my Father … My Father-in Law … my friend …
Those in your family … your friends … those who enjoy freedom because of their sacrifice and service …
Isn’t any opportunity to honor them …
A special occasion …???

At some point, I must say that, as I’ve heard sportscasters say, “We forget about the 99% of NFL players who do the right thing … who are a positive role model …”
I agree 100% with this statement.

At one point, I thought, and I must “clean this up” quite a bit, that
the “NFL” should stand for “Need to Find a Lawyer.”

Now, as we introduce this short series … I must say, that
the “NFL” should stand for “No Flag Loyalty.”

I’m sorry … did I just use the word “stand?”

I know … I know … you may be asking, “How important is this?”

Earlier in the season, I watched a game from London. Yes … I got up at 7:00AM to watch it. I told you, I still like the sport, and I am a fan of one of the quarterback on one of the teams. They always show the singing of the National Anthem from both countries involved. During the singing of the United States National Anthem, they seemed to go out of their way to show players (I don’t remember how many) who did not stand for the United States National Anthem.

What message do you think that sent to the world?

Later in the season, they had a game in Mexico City. Same thing. Both Anthems.
During the singing of the United States National Anthem, they seemed to go out of their way to show players (I don’t remember how many) who did not stand for the United States National Anthem.

What message do you think that sent to the world?

No wonder they are embarrassed.

I know I am.

Closing statement to those who think that a simple thing like just standing during the singing/playing of our Nation Anthem has nothing to do with honoring/respecting/recognizing the dedication and sacrifice of those who serve/who have served our Country:
“Yeah, it does.”

Richard. Vincent. Rose.
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Tortured for Christ [The Movie] – Official Trailer

We share this from “The Voice of the Martyrs:”
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The Voice of the Martyrs presents the inspiring new movie, Tortured for Christ, a cinematic retelling of the testimony of VOM founder Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, as written in his international
bestseller “Tortured for Christ.” This movie was produced to honor the 50th anniversary of the book’s 1967 release.

Filmed entirely in Romania, including in the very prison where Pastor Wurmbrand endured torture and solitary confinement, this powerful film uniquely presents the story with live action rather than interviews. The dialogue is presented in English, Romanian and Russian (with English subtitles) to hold to the authenticity of this true story.

The movie opens in theaters on March 5, 2018.
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Trees, the Truck, and Parking with God’s Protection, Providence, and Placement

Hi Friends:

We can always be sure that God makes it where we always have something (s) to pray about, and, just as important, we always have something (s) to be thankful for. When it comes to the weather, I think, regardless of where we live, we always have things to be to be both about.

It’s said that the weather is always something we can talk about, and, again, true regardless of where we live. While it would be easy to write about the weather “up here” for the last few weeks, with record-setting cold, I look back to one particular night, late last year, when we got a taste of what a lot of the country had been facing for so much of the past year: Rain, winds, storms, and more rain, storms, and wind.

It was the end of October/first of November, when the rains came. We are blessed up here in the North Country to be “shielded” from things like Hurricanes, Tornados, and the like. Occasionally, however, we’ll get the tail-end of a real monster, which ends its devastating trek across the country up North, before it heads out to sea. Of course, we’re speaking of rain-storms, and not the snow-storms, the ‘Nor’easters, which can make headlines … and make people wonder why anyone would want to “live up there.” The cold that we’re still experiencing (it was -15 when I went to bed last night) makes many wonder the same thing.

Anyway, it was the end of this past October, when the wind and rain was forecast to hit us, and, what followed, really made us appreciate/understand, first-hand, what our friends way-down South, and up the Coast, had been experiencing. Not since Irene and Sandy approached, were we facing a storm like this one, with the potential of damaging winds and flooding rain. And … hit, it did.

While we all like to think we are prepared for such an event, there’s just no way to accurately prepare for a storm’s onslaught, because you just never know what it will hit … and, what it will miss. You just have to do the best you can … and, pray.

The storm, as predicted, hit up here, in the middle of the night, on the first Monday night of November. Many friends told me they were awakened in the middle of the night by the high winds and pounding rain, the sound of limbs and trees falling. Didn’t I hear it? I didn’t. I guess that’s one of the “benefits” of going to bed so late … you sleep through just about anything … Anyway … the power had gone off, sometime during the night, and the heavy rain was still falling before dawn. I stepped out onto the front porch, but it was too dark to see anything.

I could see my truck, where I had parked it on Saturday, where I park it alongside the porch, so that I can just walk up the ramp with the groceries. Yes, I do the grocery-shopping (up here, they call it “food-shopping). I have three places I park the truck, in non-Winter months: Either down off the driveway, below (our house is on a hill, or maybe better put, within a hill, with the garage way down below, and the floors of the house progressing up the hill, if that makes sense), underneath a cedar tree, right behind a stand of sumac trees (not the poisonous ones), which shield the house from the road. That’s my normal non-Winter parking spot, as I like to walk around the house, up the hill to the back yard, to enjoy the yard and flowers, making my way around, behind the house, to the front porch. I could also decide to trek up the 3 flights of steps, separated by level walking paths, up to the front porch, but I like the long walk around back. A second favorite parking spot is way out back, behind the house, past the yard, “up in the trees,” where I’ll park under one of my favorite trees, a beautiful blue spruce, with wide branches, perfect for parking underneath, especially if rain is forecast for the weekend. The third spot is up by the porch, and, sometimes, like this particular weekend, I’d just left the truck there. It is a shady spot as well, as, just beyond the truck, is a large bank, which is topped by several large spruce trees making the property border. The trees cover the entire property line, all the way to where the bank drops down to the street. I anxiously look forward to parking at any of these three places, because that means it’s not Winter. It is a big moment in the Spring when I can park outside … it is a statement of sorts, that Winter is finally over, and I can park outside! Only those who live up here know what I mean when I say we have a “Summer entrance” and a “Winter entrance,” meaning the steps going from the driveway to the porch. Of course … I could shovel all of the 25 steps, constantly throughout the Winter, but … I’m ok with just parking in the garage …
Anyway, it’s a really big deal to be able to park outside!
Back to the first Monday morning in November:

I knew that there had been a large storm, the power was out, and I had to wait until daylight to see if there was any wind damage. I could see from the porch that 3 of the sumac trees, down off the driveway were down … they were large enough to cover an area from the cedar tree, where I would have normally parked, to halfway across the driveway. We had lost some of these trees before in a wind storm, but this was more intense. Had I parked underneath the cedar, as usual, they would have landed on the truck.

Once it got to be daylight, I then was able to see beyond the truck, to the bank of trees. The last two trees in the row closest to the street had fallen … these were huge spruce trees … huge … and, they had landed … perfectly … between the truck and the bank. You just couldn’t place them any better. They had fallen, side-by-side … not down the bank (which would have gone through the house, crushing the truck, as well) … but, had fallen long-ways, along the center of the bank … perfectly between the house and truck, and the bank. The edge of the limbs had missed the side mirror of the truck by a few inches. Perfectly placed.

It was only when I was leaving the house, that I looked in the back yard, as I passed by the back garage door, and looked out its window: That beautiful blue spruce, which was my favorite tree, which I was so proud to park under, had been blown over. It had been uprooted by the high winds, and was stuck in the limbs of a tall pine tree, leaning over, waiting to complete its journey to the earth. If I had parked there, as I would normally have in the case of a rainy weekend like this one, it would have come down on top of the truck.

It is so true, that old saying we’ve all heard, especially in times of great anguish:
“Jesus doesn’t promise there won’t be storms. He promises that He will be with you in the storm.” Yet again … once again … I had to report, as I’ve done so often: If there was ever, any doubt that God’s hand was on me … this proves, beyond a doubt … How many times have I, and you, said the same thing? So often, we see God’s protection. This was just another great example.

I had to get to town to buy a chainsaw. For the first time, and I’ve seen some pretty bad storms up here, roads were blocked. A stream, on the way to where Carol works, had flooded, and I mean it was over the bridge, and across the road. No one I know had seen that before. There were other sights I saw which was a first was for me, and for those who had lived here their whole lives. I saw water up to windows. I saw streets become streams … but … I had to make it to Wal-Mart! Some may get offended by that statement, but please understand the humor there … I mean, we don’t have 100 stores to choose from. Often, we have no other stores to choose from … anyway, Walmart had no electricity, and the generators weren’t working, so they were closed. On to Tractor Supply! Tractor Supply was open, sort-of … their door was open, but they had no electricity. But, they had employees with flashlights, and could take cash or credit (no registers), using the old “slide” manual credit card “machine.” And … they had one chain saw left … not the brand I would have chosen, but a chain saw with a 22” bar!

So, I was able to clear the driveway of the sumac trees, that afternoon. The power finally came back on. I knew many who didn’t have electricity for a week, and, the damage from the storm was far-reaching and immense. I was blessed in so many ways. It would take me a couple of weeks to clear the big spruce trees from the bank, and, don’t you know … I had to do it between snow-storms (this was November, after all!). It would be the weekend of Thanksgiving before I could cut up the spruce trees from the bank. I made 9 beautiful stacks of split wood. The big, beautiful blue spruce in the back is still hanging on, suspended. There’s been too much snow to work on it, as I’ll need the truck to help “yank it,” which I’ll have to handle when Carol’s not around to witness. I have a plan, though … I’m glad she wasn’t there when the chain came off the saw, and landed in the middle of my right thigh!

In the meantime, that’s just an example of God’s protecting hand. There were other cases this past year, and, even a miracle or two which I experienced over the Christmas break, in the middle of all that record-breaking cold. But, for now, I’ll report this one incident, as I continue to wonder … what has God kept us from … that we don’t even know about?

Once again, I am so thankful to report that God’s promises are true. That there isn’t anything He can’t do. In any kind of weather. I’m thankful that we always have something (s) to be thankful for.
In any kind of weather.

Blessing to you, and your family,
Richard. Vincent. Rose.