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NFL: No Flag Loyalty-Part Three: “What Happened to the NFL?”

Just a couple of weeks ago, we had a High School basketball game, as a special part of our regular School day.
Before the game started, it was a moment I’ll never forget:
As a student sang the National Anthem, I was mesmerized by a good friend of mine, our “School Resource Officer,” (for those who don’t know, that’s a uniformed Police Officer who is part of our School Staff), who, the entire time the Anthem was sung, stood proudly at attention, in full salute, facing the large American Flag, which is draped from the gym ceiling. It was, simply, a proud moment I’ll never forget. It reminded me of how important it is to recognize the sacrifices made for our freedom, and in his case, also included were the sacrifices made by fellow Police Officers.

It began with just wanting to reflect on things that had happened between the first and last parts of our series, “The Price for Freedom.” The one thing that stood out, for me, was the “fuss” being generated over this “Stand for the Anthem” issue. I thought about this statement:
To those who think that a simple thing like just standing during the singing/playing of our Nation Anthem has nothing to do with honoring/respecting/recognizing the dedication and sacrifice of those who serve/who have served our Country:
“Yeah, it does.”

Back in November, that “Reflection” Post was to introduce the final video in our “The Price for Freedom” series, and it was to be titled “Reflecting on the Changes Since Start of Series.” We concluded the series, the same way we began, by featuring a Memorial Day speech from President Ronald Reagan, which supplied our banner for the series:

“The price for this freedom has been high … but we have never been unwilling to pay that price.”

The First Video in this series, “The Price for Freedom,” was posted on June 23, 2017.
Since that time, I have experienced, and witnessed, much sadness and tragedy … As, have many of you.

In July, my beloved Father passed away, and I stood there, near his flag-draped casket, as I witnessed the 21-Gun Salute.

In October, one of my closest and dearest friends passed away, and I stood there, near his flag-draped casket, as the Soldiers came up in perfect formation, performed a heart-wrenching Memorial ceremony (this was conducted inside), and I listened to the words of why the design of our American Flag meant so much to those who live under it … what the flag represented…

Since that first video … This is just since June … I have seen that, just standing for our National Anthem … this same flag which was draped over the casket of my loved one … and yours … just standing in honor of that same flag … has become an issue …
I still can’t believe it … I understand it … like you do … but, I still can’t believe it…

Keep in Mind this Post was originally written, and scheduled for release in November:

I do know that one of the things I most look forward to, before a football game, is the National Anthem.
Now … “they” don’t even show it during a regular football telecast.
A league advertising“Salute  to the Military” … yet, they have ceased, made a conscious decision, to not even show the singing of our National Anthem … I get it … You don’t want to see your sport being booed … But, to say you “support” the Military, our Military, and, then, make a decision, a Corporate decision, to not broadcast the singing of our National Anthem….

Hey, America … I watched the World Series … Every Game this year, for the first time in many, many years…
Every game, I saw the players stand, and remove their hats, and stand … and stand … like Americans … for the singing of our National Anthem.
Can you imagine what would have happened if just one baseball player … just one … had kneeled during the National Anthem???

My close friend, speaking of the NFL, says “It’s too late.” Major League Baseball, which didn’t “pour it on” with “Military Salutes” during the World Series … well, the best part was the first part … The National Anthem…

A moment to explain the background behind this “It’s too late” statement. A close friend was pretty angry (that’s a polite phrase) that, at the height of this “National Anthem” fuss, one football team did not even come out for the singing of the National Anthem. Yes, they refused to even come out to the field for the National Anthem. However, they did allow one player to come out to the edge of the tunnel, where he stood at attention, hand over heart, for the Anthem. Note that this particular player is a former Captain in the United States Army, in which he served as an Army Ranger and was decorated with a Bronze Star for valor, and served three tours of duty in Afghanistan. I don’t know if the NFL (No Flag Loyalty) team tried to tie him up, or chain him, or something else to prevent him from coming out in honor of those who have served and died for our Country, but he, somehow, made it out at least to the edge of the field. Maybe he would have faced suspension if he had actually stepped onto the field? Anyway, another high-profile member of the team wrote something of an apology for the team, saying that intentionally not coming out for the Anthem may have been a mistake. You think??? So, there I was, and this was back in the Fall, there I was, trying to, and this is true … I tried to defend the apology of the player, that he had, in his own way, tried to apologize for his team’s actions. That’s when I got the response, “It’s too late.”

By the way, the game in question was at, and you can’t make this stuff up … the game was at “Soldier Field.” I just read that this particular player’s jersey was the top selling jersey on the NFL’s official store in the 24 hour period after that Sunday’s games.

So, back in November, I wrote this:

What Happened to the NFL?

What happened to the NFL?
They used to play for you and me
Now, they only seem to play for “ME.”

Before each game
I would wait for the Anthem to play
Waiting to stand to give honor to our country
Now, they won’t even show the Anthem on TV
That’s one more channel on which I can’t stay

You won’t stand in honor of those who have died?
You won’t stand in honor of those who have served?
You play a game, yes, play, yes, play a game,
Yet, you won’t stand for those whose honor is deserved?

You kneel, but not to pray
You kneel, yet are allowed to play
Yes, play, a game
You are still allowed in this country, to stay?

If you don’t stand for our flag
What do you stand for?
If you don’t stand for our flag
Whose flag do you stand for?

You say, proudly, that this isn’t about you
It’s about others, and what they are going through
That this isn’t about “ME,” you then stand and say
That it isn’t about “ME,’ what you showed us today

When the anthem plays, we all know to “remove our hats and stand”
We all remove our hats, yes, our hats we all doff
So, I have this question for you all:
If this isn’t just about “YOU,”
Why, then, as you kneel, do you take your helmets off?

So, then, it’s not about “THEM,” it’s about “YOU”
Otherwise, you would leave your helmet on
How else could they get a close-up of “YOU”
Instead of showing the Red, White, and Blue?
If you don’t stand for the American flag
Which flag do you stand for?
If it’s not about “YOU,”
Why do you take your helmet off?

You’ve done your job
You’ve shown yourself to me
So have the networks
Now, they don’t even show the Anthem on TV

While you kneel there,
Thinking you are great,
I must agree with my friends,
For the NFL, it’s too late
Richard. Vincent. Rose.

To those who think that a simple thing like just standing during the singing/playing of our Nation Anthem has nothing to do with honoring/respecting/recognizing the dedication and sacrifice of those who serve/who have served our Country:
“Yeah, it does.”



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