2021 “Day of the Christian Martyr”

June 29th is Day of the Christian Martyr.

This year, the witness, testimony, and example of Rocio Pino will be honored.

“Knowing the risks, she and her husband chose to live and share the Gospel in a
dangerous area …”

We share this year’s “Day of the Christian Martyr” video so that we may be inspired by those who came before us. We ask that we pray for all of our Christian Brothers and Sisters serving Christ faithfully in places where they experience a daily threat of public humiliation, opposition, and violence.

The first request these courageous men and women ask is for us to pray that they will love their enemies and remain faithful to God’s call to be a witness for Christ to those who hate them.

And, let’s pray for our own commitment to Christ, that we may be a bold and faithful witness no matter the opposition we face.

Maybe it’s because I was in South America a couple of years ago, and saw just a glimpse of what it is like “over there;” maybe it’s because Rocio was murdered on my birthday; maybe it was knowing that this happened in front of her husband and children. Maybe it’s a combination of all this, but I just can’t get Rocio’s story out of my mind.

Maybe … I never should.
I hope I never do.

“Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body” (Hebrews 13:3).

I think about how I take so much for granted … think about what I had to worry about today … And, then, I think of Rocio’s family. And, so many other families that aren’t blessed to live in the United States.

Let us always … as we survey what is happening “over here” … not forget what has been happening for so long, and continues to happen to our Brothers and Sisters, “over there” …

We combined resources supplied by The Voice of the Martyrs ( to present this video:


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