Guest Post: “Receiving the Book with all the Answers”

Hi Friends: 

Here is a short story from The Voice of the Martyrs’ monthly magazine, from September, 2021.
The story makes a great statement about where to look (still, today) for “all the answers,” and reminds how blessed we are here, in this country, for the freedoms we enjoy. Freedoms that, frankly, just don’t exist in so much of the world today:

Tala came to faith in Christ last year, but she was afraid to tell her family. In Iran, where it is illegal to leave Islam, Christian converts often face charges of “acting against national security” as well as potential imprisonment.

But recently, Tala came upon a surprising sight: her brother reading a Bible and her sister working on a crossword puzzle in a Christian magazine. Christian workers had secretly delivered the Bible and Christian magazine to the home of Tala’s family, and her siblings were interested in the materials.

“My sister was asking questions on how to solve the crossword,” Tala said. “When I asked them how they are answering the crossword puzzle questions, they pointed to the Bible and said, ‘This book has the answers to all the questions.’”

Encouraged by their interest, Tala asked workers at a Christian ministry for advice on how to start talking to her family. “Pray for them to find Jesus and that God will use you for that,” they told her.

The Iranian government seeks to silence any witness for Christ, but Voice of the Martyrs continues to support strategies such as Bible distributions and sharing the gospel through various media outlets. Through these efforts, Christian workers are able to connect with many Iranians, such as Tala’s siblings, who might otherwise never hear the gospel.

“Keep praying for all families inside Iran who are looking for answers about real love and a relationship with God.”

To find out more, and to subscribe to their monthly magazine, visit The Voice of the Martyrs website @

VOM Mission: “Serving persecuted Christians through practical and spiritual assistance and leading other members of the body of Christ into fellowship with them.”

Founded by Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand in 1967.



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