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Real Look at a World “N” Need: Same Family, Different Block-The Video

Whether it’s our business, our ministry, our writing, or our personal life, it is our primary desire and purpose to bless, edify, encourage, and inspire. There’s just no better way to do that, than to share stories of individuals, who, … Continue reading

Real Look at a World “N” Need: Same Family, Different Block-Part Two

I have given much thought about how to present the numbers I am going to share with you, concerning how much of the world’s population is under persecution … what percentage of our earth’s population is suffering persecution, just because … Continue reading

Real Look at a World “N” Need: Same Family, Different Block-Part One

Hi Friends: Recently, I have been led to follow the words of Hebrews 13:3, to “Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.” Especially, recently, to … Continue reading

A World ‘N’ Need: It’s Us!

Here on our Blog, I don’t remember ever featuring 2 videos in a row … but, I must. For the past few weeks, we have been writing about things “over there;” How our Christian Brothers and Sisters-“Same Family, Different Block,” … Continue reading

Prayer Returns to Public Schools

Hi Friends: This is another one of those times when I ask you to place the title in context. There is a thought which says that prayer isn’t allowed in Public Schools. There is also a thought which says that … Continue reading

Looking Back, Looking Ahead … But, Not Too Far: Blizzard Ahead

Hi Friends: What a difference a year makes! Up here in the North Country, so much of how we gauge a year’s events is weather-related. How much snow, how much rain, how cold, how hot. How much oil, or pellets … Continue reading

Wealth Stored for the Righteous-Part 16

Hi Friends: It is good to be back to writing. With job, business, and other writing responsibilities, it’s funny how “your first love” gets pushed “to the back.” Plus, the opportunity to travel has also figured into the time equation. … Continue reading

I Know Jesus Saves … But, Does He Plow? (Part 2)

Miracles all around us. They are happening all the time, and for different reasons. Sometimes for us … sometimes for them … most always for “both” … always the same Source. We’ve all been a part of, and seen, miracles … Continue reading