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Special Video Presentation: “The Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln”

Well … for long time now, over on our blog, we have been waiting to feature a certain photo montage of Abraham Lincoln … then, today, I decided to feature this video, called “The Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln.” It features lots of photographs, yes, but it provides a real glimpse into the mind, and heart, of President Lincoln.

On our blog, still today, one of the most viewed posts we’ve done is one from several months ago, entitled “Abraham Lincoln’s Road to the White House,” in which I quoted directly from a poster I have hanging prominently in our office. It has to do with perseverance.
Here’s a direct link to that Post:
Abraham Lincoln’s Road to the White House

I know that so many of us love to collect quotes, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy this presentation. I just sat back, relaxed, and thought … as I read along … hope you will too!