Update On Carol: Vision Almost Completely Restored

Hi All:
Thank you so much for your prayers for Carol’s vision.
We can say that her vision is at least 80% restored.
Still a little bit of a blur, but no more round circle. Keep in mind, that just a few short weeks ago, she was completely blind in her right eye …

I will never forget, just a few nights ago, as we were doing our “how many fingers am I holding up” test … she got them all right …
And, today … she spent most of the day proof-reading a manuscript for me!

Please continue to pray for her complete healing. 

She still can’t see the color red, but that will come. 
We are waiting for the results of her latest MRI.

We’ll keep you posted. 
I know that so many of you have been praying for her, and we just wanted to say thank you … and, bless you.

Please, always remember that God can do anything … there is nothing too hard for Him …



Special, Urgent Prayer Request: For Carol

I am asking all of our friends around the world to pray for my beloved Carol.

I am asking because I know that you will.

Carol had an emergency eye exam yesterday, Friday, because she has lost vision in her right eye, due to a sudden condition in her retina.
Because it was so late in the day, the earliest appointment she could get with a specialist was on Monday, August 5th. She needed a specialist who could also do surgery, if necessary …
The doctor says she has a 50% chance of regaining her vision …

We have an appointment with the specialist on Monday, in Portland, Maine.

I know that God can do anything.
There is nothing too hard for Him.

Of course, when I asked Carol if it was ok to post this, she asked about other people who needed prayer, not her.

I am also not “losing sight” of the fact that she is my beloved “proof-reader,” who was to begin working on the final manuscript of my new book, on Friday, the same day.

Satan is such a jerk!

Let’s get together and give him a black eye, the jerk!

Please pray for the healing of Carol’s right eye, and let’s prepare for the praise report to follow!

Thank you so much.
All of you.