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New From Pastor Appreciation Gifts and Richard. Vincent. Rose.: “Letter to Assistant/Associate Pastor”

How do you say “Thank You” for the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice which the Assistant or Associate Pastor has given in service to you, and to your church body?

How do you put into words your appreciation for their unselfish service?

For the first time, there is now a definitive work to honor the Assistant/ Associate Pastor … from the author of “Why, Pastor, Why” comes “Letter to Assistant/Associate Pastor,” capturing the depth of emotion to explain why the Assistant/Associate Pastor means so much …

And … that their work and sacrifice has not gone unnoticed-or unappreciated.

Written by Richard. Vincent. Rose., taking over 15 years to write, the words say exactly what you want to say … and then … be stunned by Who actually wrote the letter! It begins as an intimate thank you letter which appears to be written by the Pastor … then, as you continue to read, you realize just Who is writing the words!!!

Then, realize that the entire letter is written in the form of a chalice, representing the “pouring out” of one’s life in service to others.


Here is a look at the “Plaque Version” of “Letter to Assistant/Associate Pastor,” only available from Pastor Appreciation Gifts. In our next post, we’ll hear directly from the author, with the story behind the letter … and, share with you the original, full-length version of the letter …

For now, here is a look at the six different plaque designs, and then the words:

Letter To Assistant Pastor
Plaque/Print Presentation Version

My Dear, Faithful, and Beloved Assistant Pastor:

You have faithfully served me, while staying under my shadow,
making sure that I got all the praise, even for work you had done.
You have worked all hours to make sure my goals were met. Your faith in me never faltered. Often, you’ve cried, wondering why I haven’t done more. Then, you realized that, many times, my plan was not to change the church-it was to change you.
You have made many personal sacrifices, to serve me, and my family.
You never lost faith in me. You were never afraid to come to me for help or advice. Even if you did not always agree, you always followed, trusting that my plan was best for you.
Many times, you have spoken in my place. Often, this was difficult, because you were going through trials of your own. It took great courage and faith to deliver a message that you would find out, later, was really meant for you.
I know my shadow is large. But, you have been careful to stay underneath it.
You, and your dreams, haven’t been smothered.
They’ve been covered. By me.
When life was toughest, you felt like a shadow had overtaken you.
It had. It was my shadow.
I haven’t held you back. I’ve held you up.
Yes, you have been living in someone’s shadow. My shadow.
Remember that you are not his assistant. You are my assistant.
You are not working for him. You are working for me.
Thank you for your dedication, faithfulness, patience, and your life.
Signed, with eternal love,

Pastor Appreciation Gifts

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Today’s Quote: Booker T. Washington

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.”
Booker T. Washington


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“It is a very unfortunate and unhelpful thing that we so often misunderstand this short, simple word.”
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Guest Post: : “Why read the Bible?”

“I am convinced that what the body of Christ needs to do is stop looking to pastor so and so to speak a word to them, but look to the Bible to see what God’s already said to them.”

via why read the Bible–day 25 of 32–God’s Guidance.

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