God’s Word “App”lied: The Bible App for Free

There is no better personal development activity than Bible study.

We are blessed to share and support the ministry and resources found on .
It is literally “The Bible App.”

Once you download, absolutely free, the app, you can choose from more than 1,200 Bible versions in over 900 languages to download, for free.
Plus, many are available as audio Bibles.

You can do this on your computer, your phone, or your tablet.
You can highlight or bookmark your favorite verses, you can make Bible Verse images that you can share, and attach public or private notes to the Bible passages.
One of the remarkable benefits of the Bible App is that you can take a photo with your phone, and then, automatically, it will locate Scripture Verses which would go with the photo.

The Bible App is completely free, with no advertising, and no “in-app” purchases.

There are free reading plans, and devotionals, which you can enjoy at your own pace.
There are also videos, and, of course the “Verse of the Day.”

I have completed Bible reading plans, and plan to compete more.

We are sharing this video, in which pro football players promote the Bible App, and, more importantly, the importance of reading and studying God’s Word.
The video features one great statement after another about why God’s Word is so important.
Important every day.

One of the players featured is Russell Wilson. I just love to hear him speak. Here, he talks about how important God’s Word is, and how following Christ, and His plan for his life, is.

Before the video, here’s the link to the Bible App:


NFL Testimony: Landry Jones

I know … I know … can we not go anywhere without hearing about football?

Even though I have written about being a fan of football, there have been times when I, too, wondered if the NFL stood for Need to Find a Lawyer …

However, I must agree with NFL commentators, like Boomer Esiason and Phil Simms, who have often lamented how we, so often, hear about the 1% of athletes who get in trouble … and hear nothing about the huge part of the 99% who are role models, active in their communities, etc.

We have written much, especially when speaking about our jobs, or maybe our residence, how that God has placed people all over, in every walk of life … to “walk” as an example to those around them.

Should football, or baseball, or any professional sport be different? Whether you watch, or care about the sport or not, you should know that, yes, there are a lot of Christian professional football players. Some of them, like Tim Tebow, seem to be as known for their Christian walk as for what they do on the field. I mean, when I think of “haters,” why does the image of Tim Tebow come to mind? Consider this, and I mean really consider this: Can we say that we are known more for what we believe in than for what we do? Are we “well known” for being a Christian? Russell Wilson comes to mind, as well. Have you ever heard Russell Wilson pray?

Television networks still do not know what to do when their cameras are scanning around the field after a football game … and you see “the circle,” a group of players-from both sides, kneeling in a circle, and praying … It’s like the cameras, and the networks are completely off-guard, and, frankly, don’t know what to say, or what to do next … During the playoffs last year, the cameras accidently caught a circle of players, after an emotional game, in this circle, and there was audio included … That was the first time I had heard Russell Wilson pray, and I’ll never forget it … I don’t think the NFL networks will, either, as they now seem to be “on guard” for this type of activity after each game …

They got caught off guard again in a recent game when 40 year old Matt Hasselbeck, battling serious illness all week and unable to practice, played an incredible game to lead his Colts to a win. His main concern, going into that game, was whether he would just be able to stand up at the end of the game. Naturally, the cameras followed him after the victory … showing him joining hands in a circle with players from both teams, as he knelt and prayed … I will never forget the look of peace on Matt’s face, after a tremendous battle, that “look” as he knelt … just before the cameras had to rush away …

Which leads me to Landry Jones: NFL quarterback. Pittsburgh Steelers. Backup QB to Big Ben and Michael Vick. Interesting. We spoke about God placing people where they are needed. Landry Jones. Backup to Ben Roethlisberger and Michael Vick. A short few weeks ago, Landry Jones “burst on the scene” when the 2 quarterbacks ahead of him were injured … and, Landry was thrust into the starting lineup … and the national spotlight …
I had the same question: Who is Landry Jones?
In the weeks following, I have discovered who Landry Jones is. And, most importantly, what he has discovered …

“In the end of times, it’s not really gonna matter if I was a Hall of Fame quarterback, or anything like that. It’s gonna matter what I did on this earth, and how I used my gifts for God.”
Landry Jones

Here is the video testimony from Landry Jones, from the “I am Second” series, and taken directly from The WorldNews (WN) Network.
He speaks about how God changed his identity …
You know … if this sort of thing keeps up … this may just change the identity of the NFL, with words like Naturally Found Leader instead of, as the Monday Night Football commentator stated just a couple of nights ago, about a featured team, that they Need to Find a Leader … I think about how many lives would be changed if more people realized what Landry realized … they Needed to Find the Lord …

Here’s Landry Jones: