Why We Share Great Quotes

“For years, I have collected quotes from across the centuries.
Why do we so enjoy the quotes and wisdom from others?
Here is a great explanation of why we do, and why doing so is so important.”

This is actually the Introduction/Preface to one of the great classic collections of quotes and wisdom, edited by Charles L. Wallis, in a collection called, “THE TREASURE CHEST.”
I am glad to report that this amazing book is still available. It was published in 1965.
Here’s the introduction of the volume, which was dedicated to the editor’s father, Robert Scott Wallis:

‘A word fitly spoken,’ said Solomon, ‘is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.’ Such a word is a recipe for happiness, a challenging guidepost along our journey through life, a bright star to which we may hitch our wagon, or perhaps a vine-covered arbor under which we may find peace, poise, and contentment.

Quoted words reflect the experiences of our common life and by an uncommon grace of expression mirror what most of us have thought or felt or aspire to think and feel. To inspire means literally to breathe into and infuse with life. Inspiring words influence our thinking, enliven our sensitivity to life’s meanings, arouse us from lethargy, and exalt us by strengthening the heart and restoring the soul. A perennially vivacious sentiment gives breadth of vision and stretches the heart’s sympathies.

The abundant harvest of the wisdom of many centuries follows no predetermined editorial pattern. What I have enjoyed reading I hope others will find to be equally delightful. Where I have found refreshing spring water I hope others will dip their cups. On some mountain height I have moved aside so that others may also share the view of a mind-expanding horizon.

Charles L. Wallis


The Treasure Chest

Harper & Row Publishers




Guest Post: “Comfort on a Monday”

“For at least some preachers, on at least some Mondays, there is a battle to be fought all over again. The smoke and thunder of the previous day have cleared, and the world and the heart can seem very empty … “

via Comfort on a Monday.

Great story and encouragement … a lot to think about … even on a Tuesday!