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Quote: “Ready or Not, the Future Will Come”

Hi Friends:

I wanted to share this quote from a soon-to-be graduating Senior at our local High School.

One of our televisions in the Library is always tuned to a news channel, so current events are always “on display” for patrons to view, and, often, to share their thoughts about.
Today, like all days, the news was on, and, like always, we hear comments like “What’s this world coming to?” Or, concerns about “What’s going to happen next?” Needless to say, world political events, and especially the United States’ part in them, are always at the forefront of discussion, especially among adults.

I guess these are the same questions that mankind has had, to a certain degree, always. And, to a certain degree, “always” will have.

For a Senior graduating High School, getting ready to “step out there” for the first time, it does give a different angle to “all things become new.” I sensed the apprehension this young man had, as he contemplated the future … especially his future. We spoke about this, and then, “from out of nowhere,” seemingly grasping wisdom well beyond his years, he said this:

“The Future is going to come faster than you think it will.
The only thing is, “Are you prepared for it?”
Because only you can make your future become reality.
Everyone else can only help you from the sidelines.
The future is going to come, whether you are ready or not.”

Guest Post: Great Quotes & Resource: “35 Manners Quotes”

Like many of you, I love to collect great quotes. Whether from throughout history, or more recently, I am always on the lookout for a great quote.
I know there are a lot of “famous quote” sites out there, and a quick Google search will net you many good sources …

I recently came across this blog, called “All About Manners.”
I liked the way they had this particular list, called “35 Manners Quotes,” but there were some other features of the blog I really enjoyed. 
I like the way, in this list for example, they put the author/speaker of the quote underneath the quote, with the author’s name being an actual live link to a list of that person’s quotes. 
Plus, I enjoyed some other informative and entertaining features about subjects like poetry; there was even a list of “Top Nursery Rhymes” which had a really good history of each.  

Below, I’ve got a link to the “Manners Quotes,” which includes this one by Fred Astaire: 
“The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.”

Working with young children (which is another reason I like the Nursery Rhyme history), I really liked that one.

Here’s a direct link to the Quotes List from “All About Manners”:

35 Manners Quotes | allaboutmanners