Two Videos: Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro

The statue of Jesus Christ, known as “Christ the Redeemer,” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is the largest statue of Jesus in the
world, and is also the largest Art Deco statue in the world.
The statue is located at the peak of the Corcovado mountain, in the Tijuca Forest National Park, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
It is perhaps the most recognizable feature of any city in the world, and we should be seeing a lot of this statue in the
next several days … and … on network television ….

I don’t know really know how to describe it, and I am curious as to how the networks will handle what is the most iconic
image of Rio de Janeiro … how often will we hear the networks proclaiming, just saying the words, “Christ the Redeemer”

I was at work, and when I brought up the “Google” home page, there was an invitation at the bottom of the page to “See the
culture and history of Rio de Janeiro,” so, I clicked on it, and was treated to a slide-show featuring the Statue … but,
what impressed me the most about the slide-show was that it was done from a Christian viewpoint, speaking of how Jesus was
mankind’s Redeemer and Savior, as it told the story of the building of the Statue, and its history. That was yesterday, and,
today, that particular link (to the slide-show) was not offered … It couldn’t have been just for me, was it???

I had always been a “fan” of the Statue, and as a History fan, any landmark, especially historical landmarks, grab my

Like you, I have visited many cemeteries where a statue of Jesus was placed. Recently, I completed a personal mission to
visit the Tennessee-Georgia Memorial Cemetery, in Rossville, Georgia, which had a beautiful statue of Jesus. I can’t imagine
standing in front of this Statue, the “Christ the Redeemer” Statue in Rio de Janeiro, and how I would feel. Just thinking
about it, I can imagine myself looking up at “Him,” His gaze fixed on the landscape below … His arms outstretched … I see His gaze fixed on the landscape below … His arms outstretched … I can’t help but think about what this really represents … How He is, for real, looking down, seeing everything that happens … even to me … even to everyone in the world … How He sees … and His arms are outstretched …

I get it!
I really do.

How are the networks going to handle this representation? Will they just call it “there you see the iconic statue?” Will
they go so far as to say something like, “the iconic statue looking down over the city …” or, will they call it by name?
Will they utter the words, “Christ the Redeemer?”

Will they … will we … will the audience … recognize the representation?
Will they even show it? Call it by name?

How will the networks present “Christ the Redeemer” to the world?
I know Who ordains all things … What an “Olympic” opportunity …

I know we leave “Christ” out of a certain holiday …
Is it possible to leave “Christ the Redeemer” out of the Olympics?

The first video has many beautiful images of the Statue …

This second video, for History folks like me, has the history of the Statue …It is from
“Jerry the Idea Wizard” and details the history …